Three of my (current) Favourite Quotes

I was recently asked by Jill over at Creative Living to take part in a three day quote challenge, adding three quotes to my blog that mean something to me. I am not someone that usually takes part in community challenges however as a couple of quotes have stuck in my head recently I thought it would be fun to contribute. I don’t want to choose three people to carry this torch further however, as who would I pick? There are too many of you awesome people that I speak to daily and therefore if you would like to keep it going, please do so. I am also going to place all three quotes in this post as I have a few posts scheduled in the next few days so today is a good day to share this.

‘Fake confidence is real confidence’

I think I first heard this on a page called ‘Shower Feelings’ on Instagram, however I am not sure if this originated here. I love this quote as it is so true.

I used to have zero confidence when I was in my teens, I was very quiet and did not like to go out of my comfort zone. Travel helped me escape this lack of confidence and eventually I came out of my shell. But sometimes I still have a lack of confidence day to day, however I try to force myself to get through it and do what I am hesitant to. Not always, but as often as I can. This can be talking to a girl I find attractive or during a job interview, if you do something pretty daunting and are secretly terrified in the process, faking confidence although may seem crazy will actually be seen as confidence. I mean, what is the difference? Very little actually, and I am sure many people I see giving off very confident vibes when I am out and about probably use this method. Not everyone is as confident as they try to give off, and knowing this helps me to become more confident in the process.

‘Everything in moderation, including moderation’

I heard this on the Joe Rogan Experience, one of my favourite podcasts. Joe Rogan mentioned it when talking about eating or drinking around his healthy diet (I am not sure what it was exactly) however again I am not sure who coined it first. It is true that when we are trying to be disciplined and focused, it is nice to break free from it once in a while. We all need a little fun every now and then, and over time probably helps us to stay stimulated and focused knowing we get a treat along the way.

‘Do what you can’t’

This is one I really like as it is a vlogger that I am a big fan of, and inspires us to not just reach for something but to go beyond it. To continually inspire ourselves to go much further and use the people that get us down to raise our game. I will let the video do the talking.


The quotes I have used are ones that I have heard fairly recently, I know there are timeless quotes that I could have used but I like to continually find new ones that keep me going and blogging as much as I can.

What do you think of the quotes? Thank you to Jill for the inspiration for this post and as I mentioned above, if you want to keep this going feel free to post some of your own or let me know of the quotes that keep you motivated or inspired. There are too many out there of worth, narrowing down to three is pretty difficult!

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