Accidental Street Art

Horrible. That’s the only way I can describe the weather in the UK right now, storm after storm bringing relentless rain and wind. For that reason I only went out once, to pop to the shops whilst there was still some light, and I found a cool little something on route.

Someone put a yellow cone over a ground light and I loved it.


Now at first silly me thought this was a cool futuristic cone that actually lights up, until I noticed we aren’t there yet as a civilisation and it was just plonked on a light. But if anything it made me cherish the moment even more. Who put it there? Was it on purpose or just dropped by some worker that didn’t realise their artwork as they walked away?


Just a little something I wanted to share on my only wander today, reminding me that we don’t have to go too far to find a cool discovery and it may be on our doorstep.

I may be milking this a little bit more than it is worth, but I did find it very cool in all honesty.

I hope you think the same 😀