What’s wrong with a green laptop?

I was looking at the recent featured image of my laptop from my Reddit post, the bright green shell was met with mixed reviews. One person told me it was a great colour, another told me he wasn’t surprised my laptop didn’t get stolen because of the colour. Mixed emotions to say the least.


What’s your verdict?

Also, I think I am overdue another sticker soon, it has been too long. What Aussie themed sticker should I get next? And who knows, maybe your countries flag will be on here soon!




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Why we should avoid trying to fit in

I have been wanting to publish a post on this picture since it went viral online. I am not sure if you have seen it, a Reddit user under the name of Lewy-G was taking a picture of his girlfriend for Instagram and he realised that everyone around him was doing the same thing. The post can be seen by clicking here.

So far this picture has gained 133,000 upvotes and 5,700 comments. Ironically, this will be much, much more popular than the planned original picture of a girl gazing out to sea alongside the other tourists. How can someone taking a picture of people taking pictures go viral? The reason is pretty simple but rarely used to our advantage.

People love taking selfies. It is a huge worldwide phenomenon. People also love their selfies receiving likes and attention. One of the reasons for this is that social media has increased our desire to fit in and keep up with the rest of society. Fitting in has had benefits throughout human history and evolution, whether it was hunting in packs to increase survival rates to gaining followers online to improve our social life and status. It makes sense. This primitive desire has spread into the digital world and we have a constant need to receive the same amount of likes as our friends and an ever increasing standard of photo to post to keep our head above the water. And with that, scenes like these are born.



I visited Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and visited Christ the Redeemer and everyone (including myself) stopped to pose like JC himself. It was funny to look around and take it in. In fact, this link demonstrates very well (and hilariously) how using the desire to fit in can be manipulated and actually be used as a creative rocket boost and help us stand out from the crowds we try to keep up with.

What I have learned from blogging is that in order to gain in popularity and build an audience, readers need it to relate to themselves in some way. A blog purely about myself will be very hard to build on and attract readers. If I have blog posts that readers can relate to and gain something from, it will have a much higher chance of success. I enjoy the nature of posting something that people could potentially learn from or find meaning in, and for this reason my blog isn’t filled with selfies. That, and I don’t take selfies very well.

Also, anything that is different to the norm will often attract attention if done correctly. Some kind of thinking outside the box or at least a new way of thinking can be very rewarding as much as it can seem a risk. This is evident in so many ways in life. Look at our heroes and inspirations. Many of these people are known for doing things their way and often in unique fashion. Maybe it is focusing on working on their art relentlessly instead of putting energy into the average daily selfie consisting of a similar pose but with slightly different backdrops. I don’t believe for a second that Banksy spends huge amounts of time devoted to random pictures of people gazing out to sea, but I know for a fact an incredible amount of people will spend their time appreciating his artwork. This is how I try to think about what I want to do and why I should do it. Do I want to be another person getting a handful of likes keeping up with everyone else, or do I want to spend my time trying to think outside of the box any way that I can and being creative? The latter sounds much more exciting and in the long term, will be much more beneficial and rewarding.

Selfies are easy. That is why every single person we know does it. And success is rarely a reward for anything that is easy or rewarded for trying to fit in. That is how one simple picture taken of people taking photos will become more popular than every one of the individual beach selfies combined. And this is why we should take pride in not trying to fit in, but escaping that mentality.

Of course, I want people to do what they want and if this means asking your partner to take a photo as you gaze out at an incredible landscape, please go for it. You do you, always. But because I know so many people strive for followers and some degree of popularity online, this is more often than not the way to succeed.

Take these photos, have these memories but work on your strengths and take pride in individuality.

Seeing pictures like the one that went viral is for me a beautiful reminder that whilst we are all trying to get the upper hand and stay relevant, we are forced into being average. Life is too short to be average and everyone looking in the same direction isn’t necessarily the right direction. After all, a group gazing out into the same direction is a group bored of themselves. This doesn’t have to be the case.



Don’t waste your space

One thing that really gets on my nerves is having a great photo opportunity present itself and having the ‘not enough storage’ message pop on my iPhone screen. I have downloaded every single photo from my camera roll onto my laptop for this very reason and what really hit me was the sheer amount of pointless food selfies, work rotas and screenshots clogging up my storage. To think that has prevented me from taking some great spur of the moment shots is very annoying.

To be fair to me, I did also find some gems such as this one. Rodney is often seen outside this barber shop looking for customers. He could sell a haircut to a bald man.

It made me think how much of our lives are taken up with the things we don’t need or don’t want to have. It also takes me back to this post I typed up back in 2015 about our daily need to remember all of those pin numbers, usernames and passwords.

I would say that 15-20% of my camera roll was photos that I didn’t need. Ones that I had taken to remind myself of a job I had to do at work or my next few shifts. Food pics that could have been anywhere by anyone and blurred images accidentally taken in my pocket or a split second after and actual photo. Is this a sign that I need to buy a decent camera that doesn’t take calls? I think so.

I have to appreciate our recent ability to take snaps on the go, no other time in history has been this kind to us. It blows my mind that we are able to freeze a moment that presents itself to us and look back at it, or tap the screen and send it across the world instantly. For this reason, I have made a promise to myself to not take photos that aren’t worthy. No photos of the rota, no silly food pics. Only the best will do. There are too many incredible moments out there happening right now and waiting to be shared to the world, many going unnoticed. I found this one this morning from the eclipse we experienced recently. Someone posted it to Reddit (which seems to have been deleted since) and has been viewed over a million times.

Well done to the person that captured this once in a lifetime moment, link is here although the image currently is not.*


Think of all the bathroom selfies being taken right at the very moment this was captured…

And how many incredible shots have been missed in the process.

*Update: Clicking the link above, it seems like there has been an update from the photographer claiming the photo has been edited.

Unfortunately, as some have suspected, the image of the eclipse that was posted is indeed modified further than simple contrast and saturation changes. It is two exposures edited into a single image.

It started out as a Facebook post of a piece of simple art I created and quickly grew to something that it was not due to the way I described and promoted the image. I have mislead a lot of people and I apologize for that. I was seeking recognition for my photography, but not in this way.

I would like to state that I have not made any monetary gain from this image, have closed down the print shop and have declined all media interviews related to this piece. I have wasted the time of many people and I apologize for that. I realize that the only reason this piece of work was significant was the story behind it which is not true.

I apologize to all who were involved in tracking down the pilots. They were flying overhead at that point in time, but not exactly as is shown in the image.

Well I certainly appreciate the honesty, even if the eagle eyed viewers may have contributed to exposing this. The person that received the confession replied:

I understand and want to thank you for coming clean. While this may have not been an “accidental photo” I think it’s important to tell you that it is still an amazing photo – and I am still planning to have a print done up and hung in my work office. While the story behind it may have been fabricated, your skill as a photographer is real. I truly hope that you continue taking photos and honing your skill.

Would I be so willing to hang it up on my wall after knowing it was a fake? I’m not sure. At least I would know I was told the truth. What do you think?