TBT to when I met Seasick Steve

I decided to walk to work today and make the most of the great weather, as my time in the city will be coming to an end around mid March. Sometimes you don’t realise you miss something until it’s gone, it was a mix of this feeling and this post that motivated me to leave the house a little earlier and not waste the views on a busy rush to work on public transport. 

I felt chilled, the sun was shining, I was in the mood for a little bit of Seasick Steve on Spotify. I was also in the mood for a beer but that wasn’t really an option.

For anyone that hasn’t heard his music, he has a great sound and a great personality. I was thinking of many clips to show you of him, however my chilled stroll meant it would have to be his song Summertime Boy.

Not bad surfing for a man in his 70’s. 

It reminded me of the time I met him in person. A perk of hotel work, he walked in and booked a room there and then. He was staying in a hotel further out and realised that he could have accommodation practically next door to the venue, sunbathing on the balcony before his gig. He truly is a summertime boy it seems.


Originally posted June 2015.

Lovely guy, I mean I had to tell him what city he was in, but that’s the life of touring I imagine. It was a pretty unexpected meeting.

But he was very humble, and appreciatetive. He had time to chat and asked what I was getting up to. He left for a little bit but came back, this time album in hand. He previously asked if I wanted a ticket for his show but I very sadly had to decline due to work. With that in mind he wanted to give me his latest album Sonic Soul Surfer.


I was very grateful. Not to mention chuffed, I’ve always loved Seasick since I first watched him play his DIY one-string guitar. I made sure he knew I had seen him previously at Leeds Fest 2011, and will again at the Isle of Wight Festival later this year.

Have you ever met a person you are a fan of? 

Roll on June.

Reposted 15th Feb 2018