Travel Diary: My first A380/Singapore Airlines experience

I’m ‘that guy’ that mentally applauds when landing after a long haul flight. I always get a little anxious before any flight, as safe as I know it is. Come on now. We’ve just spent 14 hours flying at 550mph with -45c temperatures just inches away from my face the whole time, 38,000 ft above the ground and I am meant to just get off it like it was a bus journey?

You could literally place 30+ Eiffel Towers beneath us, throw a few Empire State Buildings above them and still clear it. The weird thing is I tremble more at the top of the Empire State Building. All because these flying machines have proven to be incredibly consistent.

When I first booked a window seat I thought I had struck lucky. It wasn’t until I sat down that I realised why, the huuuge wings obscured almost all of the view. It wasn’t too big of a deal, the cabins are large and with the A380 the window seat is roughly a foot away from the actual window anyway. Notice the flex in the wing on the ground compared to in flight.

This isn’t great if you like to rest your head on the inner wall to sleep, however there are benefits. With Singapore Airlines you get a great amount of space in economy (they are great for leg room and seat widths but I haven’t looked at a comparison chart). I was sat next to the largest guy I saw step onto the plane- no exaggeration- and we hardly brushed against each other! What I thought would affect my experience really didn’t, and I have been much more cramped short haul with people of a medium build.

The entertainment was great too. There were hundreds of movies, TV shows and music, I guess as expected from long haul. I don’t travel this far too often, so I have limited experience to compare. It was a great selection though and more than enough to remain occupied.

Of course I watched Baywatch.


Food was tasty. The menu provided was a lot more stylish and well presented than my previous flights, in fact I cannot recall seeing a menu like this before in economy class. Here are a couple of tasters of what to expect between London and Singapore.

My meal was some lovely beef in a thyme and garlic sauce, followed by a rather tasty chicken sandwich to see me through to a breakfast of poached eggs in hollandaise sauce with chicken sausage and potatoes. A few Tiger beers to wash it down, I don’t turn down free beer given the opportunity!

Refreshment wise, the toilets were filled with dental kits and combs, and hot towels provided at the beginning and end of the flight. The cabin crew were very cheery and happy to help with very quick response times.

The in flight map is always something I refer too, I’m fascinated when flying over nations that are so different to my own…

I won’t rate this airline as I have not travelled long haul enough to compare. It is safe to say they lived up to the great reputation they have and I am pleased to have travelled on the A380. Do it if you get the opportunity, and with Singapore Airlines!