Finding a reason to get up at 5.30am

Yesterday morning I went to a local 24/7 pub to watch England play the USA. It was a friendly, but a rather special one as it was the last time Wayne Rooney will play for England. It is funny how a 5.30am start sounds so horrible, until it is for something we actually want to do. For me, it was watching my country play live in London.

It was pretty empty, it is an outside pub in the high street without walls but sheltered by a roof. There were some early birds, a couple of people in suits having their morning coffee as well as two guys in high visibility jackets preparing for a hard days work. I would have looked rather out of place there in my causal clothes if it wasn’t for the TV I was staring at for 90 minutes.

England won the game 3-0.

There is something I love about being awake early, when it is my choice. I love the silence as I walk through the streets, the low hum of traffic as cars slowly start to hit the roads but in small numbers, the endless space not taken up by the masses at rush hour. Upon heading back home after the game, the city really came back to life. What fascinated me was that I was heading to central station but because I was already in Brisbane’s CBD, everyone was spilling out of central station. This meant that when I was walking towards it, 99% of people were walking by and very little were walking in my direction. It was pretty interesting and a reminder of how our society- and species in general- has been programmed to do things in very similar ways. Set our alarms for the same wake up, catch the same train, drink the same coffee and see each other on the same work break. I am sure by 5.30pm the lines of people were travelling in the opposite direction.

Sometimes, things become so much easier to do when we aren’t forced to do them. 5.30am starts for example. Life gets easier the more freedom we gain, and our aim should be to gain as much freedom in this life as possible


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Familiar accents in a far away land

Today has been a good day. Very busy and therefore productive, tiring and therefore a good workout. It is also one that ended in high spirits as Australia will be in the 2018 World Cup after beating Honduras 3-1 in Sydney. There were- and I am sure still are- yellow shirts everywhere in the streets and will be long into the night. Yellow shirts and football (soccer) have always been associated with Brazil, you could have been fooled into thinking you were walking back from the Maracana tonight rather than the ANZ Stadium in Sydney’s Olympic Park or out of the many bars showing the game.

This was a development very late on in the evening and wasn’t the plan for this post, however if any occasion results in fireworks it is probably worth a mention*. I originally wanted to post about a couple I met today from the UK, from my city in fact. In fact, just down the road in a neighbouring village, we finally worked out the distance after the lady said ‘you know, near the Red Kite Pub?’. Pubs are a great marker for getting your bearings if you are lost in the UK, particularly in a village or small town.

There is always a great deal of excitement when you overhear a conversation in your own dialect when abroad. You would never have spoken to them if they were sitting next to you in a cafe back home, now suddenly they are your best friends and you are planning life together. It is like our caveman instincts kick in and we need to group up in an environment of strange sounding people. No matter how far you travel, it is just a matter of time before you encounter one of your fellow citizens. This can be seen as a blessing or a curse. Here in Sydney, it seems like a Brit is around every corner. Back when I was living in West Texas, we were few and far between. I loved the opportunity to only hear my accent once in a blue moon, it made the encounter much more interesting.


Do you enjoy meeting your fellow countrymen and women when on holiday, or do you see a holiday as a break from the norm and therefore avoid fellow citizens at all costs?

*I am unsure if the fireworks were directly related to the win tonight, however it was very fitting even if unrelated.

Featured photo by on Unsplash