Is this building ugly? Pt 2: An update on the Sirius Building…

Can you remember a few uploads back on Wednesday, I posted about the Sirius Building on The Rocks in Sydney? A concrete building that I did not particularly like the look of, although some of you had mixed feeling towards it.

Well, it turns out that the last resident, Myra Demetriou has left the building.

Sirius building
Yesterdays farewell event. Photograph: Ben Rushton/AAP

The Sydney Morning Herald website states that:

Following the state government’s 2014 decision to sell the site and invest the proceeds into social housing elsewhere, Ms Demetriou has featured prominently to the campaign to allow Sirius residents to remain.

The campaign being the Save Our Sirius Foundation, or SOS for short. They even made a cake in the shape of the building for Myra’s farewell event.

sirius cake

So oddly, my post was published very close to the last occupant leaving. Pretty crazy timing, I must say. The Guardian in the UK also has an article on this, and briefly describes the reason for the state selling the building:

The sales are designed to fund cheaper and more accommodation elsewhere, in the hope of easing the state’s huge waiting list for public housing. It has variously been described as “heartless”, a form of aggressive social cleansing, and short-sighted.

Not many people are happy with the move, that is clear. SOS has also shown interest in buying it from the state government.

I try not to sound too much like the media when posting on these kind of local news stories, however it is hard not to. I won’t keep blogging in this style or nature, as I feel I am just copying and pasting other websites coverage. If it isn’t my own work, I don’t want to put it out there. This story was one that I had to post however, as it was directly linked to my recent post Is this building ugly?

So the question still remains, will it stand the test of time? The answer will be revealed sooner than I imagined.

Photographs taken from The Guardian, courtesy of Ben Rushton/AAP.