Places I Need To See: This giant hand in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Whilst on the theme of giant statues from a recent reblog, this giant hand in Uruguay really caught my attention courtesy of Utochspring.

I imagine this is what it is like when a giant finally wakes from a long, long sleep and finally decides to take on the world and anything in it’s way. It was actually intended to look like a hand drowning to warn swimmers and surfers of the dangers of the waves, created by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal during the summer of 1982.

A pretty cool sculpture and one I would like to see in person. Full post below.

Travel Tuesday Tuesdays has for a long time been my least favorite day of the week. Some years ago I had a great spinning class to look forward to on Tuesday nights, during this spring and summer I played soccer on Tuesdays but now I have an empty hole in my calendar on Tuesdays so […]

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Reblog- 28 cities of South America: a traveller’s ranking — story every day

I enjoyed this post courtesy of Alex/Story Every Day, a post detailing 144 days in 28 cities in South America.

That is a city every 5.14285714 days according my iPhone calculator. Pretty damn impressive!

Although I have visited Brazil and Argentina myself, I cannot really cross Argentina off my travel list. Heck I was in Brazil for a month and I feel wrong crossing Brazil off my list. Huge countries need a huge amount of travel to better understand the nation.

I visited Argentina twice in two days in 2016. The first time, crossing the border for the day to visit the Argentinian side of the Falls do Iguazu (Number 26 and 27 on Alex’s list). The other border crossing was for steak and wine at a restaurant we were recommended near the falls. Our driver took us over the border, we got out passport stamped and she had a little nap in the car whilst we dined. She was a lovely driver and was very helpful with local info.

The bridge between Brazil and Argentina. Is this the only one? I’m not sure.

The blog post linked reminded me that there are entire continents seperate from ours that many people do not get to visit. Even those of us fortunate to have had a couple of the countries stamped into our passport merely get a glimpse of life there. Entire continents with vast countries and cultures. Within these countries, multiple cities with seperate identities. Entire families and ways of life. Incredible people, arts, transport systems, architecture, foods, drinks, sports, climates, political and religious views… All happening whilst we do our own thing thousands of miles away in a place we call home.

In reality, I don’t want to get too attached to the place I call home. The blog post below is 28 reasons why!

South America is beginning to feel like home. But after 144 days of schlepping across this gigantic and diverse continent, my time here is coming to an end, and with departure approaching I find myself reflecting with bittersweet nostalgia on everything I have experienced here. It’s been a swashbuckler of a journey. In those 144 […]

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