Life will always be a work in progress

I like stumbling upon street art that is in the process of being created. I think this one is an advertisement however I haven’t been back to see it now it is complete. It is just around the corner so I will probably take a look on the way home.

So many pieces of art seem to have always been there. Historical paintings in some of the worlds oldest and most stunning buildings. It is amazing to think these were once nothing but a concept in someones mind and someone decided to make it a reality. I think we all have a creative side to some degree however some people are just more talented, or at least have more motivated to put thoughts into action. From smaller street art creations to the wonders of the world, we can all choose to contribute if we want.

The problem is the majority of the world contributes to someone else’s artwork. Most of us are working for someone. The lucky few will be moderately happy in their daily roles, or simply content. However if I asked everyone I met walking down the busy streets of the CBD if their dream job was different to what they are currently doing, I would guess most would say yes. But a dream job is incredibly difficult to achieve. But it isn’t about getting there. It is about getting as close to it as possible.

The more ambitious our goals are means the chances of success are less likely. But it also means our personal development skyrockets. It is much better to aim for a dream job and get half way there than to set a very achievable goal and get 100% there. That’s what I believe anyway. The progress from failure is sometimes so much better than the illusion of success, and I have just decided this will be the inspiration for my next post.


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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I found another one!

I was walking to grab a coffee from 7-Eleven today, I saw a lady taking a photo down this small side street. I noticed the blue, plastic nature of the art and realised it must be another piece of work by the artist Blu Art Xinja. I wrote a short post about the artist here after finding some work near the Botanic Gardens.


If anyone is wondering the location, it is on George Street opposite the Treasury Casino.


Notice in the picture above that the bee is yellow, however in the artists Instagram post below it is blue. Also notice how this street is seemingly a favourite for those wanting to be sick. I imagine the casino plays a role in that…



Just a little update on my most recent wanders. Happy hunting!




Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Happy blogging,


My thoughts on Elon Musk smoking weed

This great piece of street art is the work of @lushsux. It was created in the aftermath of what became for me a very sad controversy on the Joe Rogan Experience in the past few days, during a conversation between Joe Rogan and Elon Musk.

If you haven’t seen it, Joe asked if Elon wanted to try some weed during the lengthy conversation and Elon took up the offer. This can be seen below. For your convenience, the weed ‘incident’ occurs at 2:10:00 (that’s two hours, ten minutes). The above artwork is taken from the exact reaction he had after inhaling.

This is such a shame because this podcast was such a great and insightful look into Elon Musk’s mind, and Joe Rogan as ever provided a great conversation. Looking at the likes, this was in fact one of the highest rated podcasts that he has uploaded from the ones I have watched.

As this happened live, Musk even started receiving texts from presumably either family, friends or colleagues asking why he was smoking weed on a live podcast to millions of people. But this is what I like about Elon. He is so laid back and doesn’t seem to care too much about what people think of him. If this was heroin, it would be a different story in my eyes. The shock would be justified. But this was a substance that is legal in LA, where the podcast takes place.

They also drank whiskey during the podcast. You know, alcohol, that thing that causes so much trouble in the world. It is funny how we pick and choose what we are offended by, and how much of this is determined without much logic or reasoning. People don’t really seem to care about the drinking, but the smoking seems to still be fairly taboo. I find this fascinating.

It is as if we have been programmed to be offended by certain things. If only we were able to talk about the things that offend us and question why they do, instead of just simply being offended and sticking to this simple and not very productive plan. Why is weed more shocking than alcohol? Why should this level of hysteria create headlines such as ‘Tesla in Turmoil’ as seen here The Telegraph, resulting in an executive feeling the need to resign (if this was indeed the reason)? Okay, the CEO of any company smoking weed is in fact something you do not see everyday. But again, this is why Musk is such a refreshing change for me and so many others. He isn’t robotic. Well, some would say he must be a robot to maintain such high work ethic and creativity, but what I mean is he doesn’t feel the need to stick to a script and tick all the traditional boring boxes. This is why he stands out for me so much more than anyone else right now.

-He wants to colonise Mars and take humanity beyond a single planet species.

-He doesn’t like how busy cities are with traffic so is creating underground tunnels to relieve congestion.

-He wants to increase the amount of electric cars so founded Tesla.

-He isn’t happy with the speeds of transportation and his proposed Hyperloop would reduce commute times from hours to minutes.

He literally wants to take humanity to a higher level, and people are offended by weed for a second? The funny thing is, he didn’t even inhale. He admitted that he doesn’t ever do it, this was a one off.

And for me personally, this kind of mentality- to ignore the positives and obsess over the negatives- is why we aren’t progressing at the rate we could be on this planet. We love to hate and conflict much more than we are willing to evolve and improve the species. The people that see a man that is revolutionising the way we live and raising the bar for our species and say ‘hey, he just smoked weed, I don’t like him’, are people that really lack the inspiration that I try to feed off. Would I choose a person that dares to be different over a person that doesn’t, especially when the offended person provides only a fraction of the ambition, intellect and execution? 100%.

Being offended is easy, and easy doesn’t get anyone anywhere.




A Zelda reference in street art?!

Just a quick update on this post for those that may have read it whilst I lived back in Sydney (and for those that are new to my blog!). The artist behind this piece is Reg Mombassa, a New Zealander that moved to Australia and has a distinctive style of art that can clearly be seen in the image above and below. Thank you to Mark Holsworth for the information, I have linked both Mark and the artist here so you can go and check out their pages.

This is what I love about the internet, I have moved from Sydney to a rural town way up in Queensland temporarily and I am still able to find out information about the artwork around a construction site from people I haven’t met in person, located anywhere in the world. What a time to be alive.

I hope you are all have a great weekend!


I like the street art here, although it doesn’t seem to be art that was been created by a passer by. But then again, would a construction company bother to make their workplace more aesthetically pleasing with art? I am doubtful, but remain optimistic. Also, would a hard-hat help in an accident involving that GIANT metal container 30 odd feet above them? Again, a little doubtful. One of their hats actually fell off shortly after I took this shot, rapidly reducing the life expectancy for a few seconds. He survived.


It sure makes the area prettier. In fact, it made me pay much more attention to an area that I wouldn’t have paid attention to at all. The scene in the piece is very strange. I can see the Harbour Bridge in there, can you spot it? Also the tree on the right of the image takes me straight back to my childhood. For any Nintendo 64/ Zelda fans out there, it has a rather striking resemblance to The Great Deku tree that dies in the beginning of the game. Spoiler alert, although it has been twenty years.

This was a very emotional moment for childhood me. (This is actually the graphics from the more recent 3DS version, I wanted to let this be known)

Saying that, it is pretty remarkable that the graphics that were used on a large console have now been revamped and used on one not much bigger than an iPhone. They probably are capable of these graphics on a smartphone now. But this doesn’t take away from the fact that this was a game ahead of its time, showing what is possible by pushing something to its limits. Something I feel I need to do more with myself, using my capabilities to the best of my capability. It would be a waste not too, a Ferrari wasn’t made to be driven around country roads at 30mph, so why should we limit ourselves?

So that is the inspiration I take from the art located at Wynyard in Sydney’s CBD. If you get something else from the image, let me know. I would love to hear it.

One thing I have noticed since I have been blogging is that I have not played video games. At all. This isn’t really possible whilst travelling and I am sure that if it was possible, it would have serious repercussions for blogging. Gaming can be addictive and with games becoming more and more movie-like in graphics, I am not surprised. I wouldn’t be surprised if gaming becomes more popular than cinema… Has it already? Why watch a movie when you can be in control of one? When I am done with my travels I may get back into it. Video games are an art form, and one that really inspired me as a child.

If a twenty year old video game had the ability to still inspire me, I can only imagine what the future holds…

Changing the meaning

I posted an image yesterday with street art from (seemingly) two different artists. Since then I have discovered another example of this from Newcastle, NSW. Basically, it is a spray painted message that was edited by someone else to say something else.

Now, this one needs very little explanation compared to yesterday’s. The first spray painted message read ‘VOTE NO’, inspired by the recent vote for same sex marriage here in Australia. Many of you will already know that the yes vote won, although it is clear there was a campaign to prevent it from doing so. I even found protests looking up into the Sydney skies, I posted about it in The sky told me how to vote today.


I feel sorry for these people. I have been watching debates from those opposing same sex marriage such as Ben Shapiro, and although he can give a coherent, educated rebuttal from faith, I just cannot find sympathy. One of the reasons is that it is heavily inspired by faith and religion, a reason why I left it behind. I cannot think of another reason why anyone would be opposed to same sex relations, other than the reason I provided in this post.

Being religious just isn’t a good enough excuse for me. I found that leaving it behind meant I had less reason for telling people how to live, or be offended by how they choose to live. Plus, the rainbow flag looks great painted onto a concrete floor. If I am not being harmed by a same sex partnership and guys are free to date guys instead of the girl I could be talking to, I am happy. What could be worse for traditional marriage than two people of the opposite sex not wanting to be with each other anyway?!

Finding the meaning

I stumbled upon this piece of street art in Newcastle, NSW. I’m struggling with the message, I’m aware that may make me stupid.

It appears as if the lady is talking messages of love to the dog, as it appears to be a speech bubble rather than a thought bubble. But her mouth is closed… So maybe the speech bubble is someone else’s graffiti added later on? Without it, she simply looks like a lazy cleaner, sweeping things under the curtain. This makes sense on its own.

But with the speech, I don’t know what message it conveys. Is she angry at the dog for making a mess and she is trying to teach the animal some human morals? Is it a thought bubble and although pretty mad at the dog, she is trying to remain a compassionate person?

Sadly, I haven’t been able to find info on this one, so we may have to resort to personal perspectives. What do you think?

Back to the grind

I’m back home, the place I have called home for the last three months at least. I still feel like I am on holiday on this working holiday visa although I am also working to fund it, taking away some of the fun. When I get the chance I will be travelling away from this Sydney home on mini breaks until my visa expires and I have to return to my actual home.

To summarise, I will be taking short holidays away from my temporary home during my long holiday away from my permanent home.

I hope you’re following? Explaining has never been a strength of mine, so here is a picture of a rat in jail as a quick distraction. Taken on the streets of Newcastle NSW, there is some pretty cool street art to be found here.

This image does relate to my post. It is the way I feel when having to go back to work. I get my breaks daily, my two or so days off and the occasional holiday time but ultimately that is just the tip of the iceberg. An iceberg that is 90% work related, doing what we have to do so we can eventually do what we want to do.

What is the ratio between your work and leisure time? 80:20? 50:50? 100:0?! I have never been to jail, nor do I feel I am in one in employment but the more I think of it this way, the easier it will be able to escape those metaphorical bars and into true freedom.

I don’t know if I have blogged about this before

I love having a wander around the city. Any city. I think the benefit of these big city wanders is the inspiration I receive. In a city, I am constantly getting ideas from other people. It is all inspiration I soak up from people. Architecture, art, music, protests… all human influences. A walk in the countryside often makes me look within and question our nature. Cities are filled with people interpreting that nature in a thousand different ways.

This mural on Pitt Street is an example of why I like these unplanned wanders. I have been to this corner before, ask me how I got here or how to get to it again and I wouldn’t be able to. The mural above me is a very interesting one and one I had to research.

The Peace, Justice and Unity mural was created by Public Art Squad in 1984. It was painted over in 2001 during restoration work on the building and shortly after this the group responsible for the artwork were successful in obtaining a government grant to redo it.  Bob Carr, the Premier of New South Wales at the time, said…

“The scale of the mural and its enduring themes of peace and racial harmony will once again be an important reminder of the kind of community in which we all strive to live,”

Donations for the 80’s installment and the 21st century repaint came courtesy of the local council, churches and charity organisations. So that is something new I have learned today, thanks to the internet I can do more than just look at a piece of art. I don’t like to interpret it in my own way, I prefer to know the story behind it from the artists themselves. On their website, the summary for this mural reads:


Peace and racial harmony are the themes here, who could be mad at that?


I was going to add this image to my previous post, however it didn’t really fit in anywhere. Just a simple shot of a particularly bland building on the exterior, with the addition of a city skyline on the roof.

It doesn’t seem to be the skyline of Sydney as it is missing some notable buildings such as the Sydney Tower Eye. Maybe it is the skyline of Crows Nest, the suburb I am in?

It’s like a fake skyline used for a movie set. A little easter egg on my afternoon walks!

For the first time in our history…

Artwork used to be mysterious. Without a definitive message, many pieces of art throughout history would and have remained unexplained and up for debate. If it wasn’t for the Rosetta Stone, Hieroglyphics would have suffered the same fate. Now I can whip out my phone and read all about this ancient language and countless others. It is pretty damn incredible.


When I am walking past street art, I can do the exact same thing. If I want to learn about a piece of art that catches my eye, the chances are I can find it with a quick google search. Most artists want their message to be heard. As seemingly meaningless as some art may appear, it often has a backstory. Banksy is an exception as this artist uses anonymity but provides clear messages in the work, the anonymity making the artwork world famous.

The art seen above looks great with the skyline in the backdrop. It made me think of what would have been in place 40,000 years ago, long before such high-rises. I typed the words seen in the image into google and found an article dating back to 2013 in the South Sydney Herald. The article opens with the following:

In 1983, Redfern residents created the iconic 40,000 years mural. Thirty years later, the paint is peeling and graffiti blemishes the cracking wall. But recently, residents have united in a movement to rejuvenate the historical artwork.

In 2017, the paint still seems to be peeling. I think this weathering goes well with the message, despite the time passing there is a reminder that someone somewhere hasn’t been forgotten. As the wall slowly decays, the memory stays.

The article can be read here. In it a little insight to the artist, the meaning behind the art and what is being done to restore the fading artwork:

Artist Carol Ruff played a key role in planning, designing and painting the 40,000 years mural in 1983. She explains how the now faded original images pay tribute to Redfern’s powerful Aboriginal history of abundance, tragedy, perseverance and accomplishment.

The salient message, “40,000 years is a long, long time/ 40,000 years still on my mind …” is inspired by Joe Geia’s song, “40,000 Years”. “We were trying to say that even before Redfern, Aboriginal people have been there, have been in that area, have known this country, this place,” Ms Ruff said.

Walking by the piece it is a shame to see the decay considering the proposed restoration in 2013. Maybe it did see some work done and four years is enough time for more weathering. It isn’t my area of expertise sadly but I hope a team with a passion for art come and bring it back to life before it loses the battle with time, a battle that has taken so many incredible and powerful civilizations with it.