How nice has the weather been in London?!

The last few days here have been great. Cold, but great. And I don’t mind a cold snap as long as it stays dry. At the end of the day the cold weather doesn’t affect the photographs, but a cloudy day does.


I am still flat hunting, which is why I haven’t been able to focus a lot of my time to blogging. Sorry for this, but a bunch of posts will be flying your way once I find one. I am on my way and have a couple of viewings this week so I am feeling optimistic.

I am really trying to stay as central as I can, as I HATE busy public transport. The few times I have had to get the tube at rush hour can only be described as traumatic. And there is no way I am driving to work everyday in Old Street.

Which is an update for you…

So up until the 19th of this month I was working here. Southwark Street.


This is a great location and I will miss working here, being up close to the Shard every day and the flow of visitors in and around Borough Market.

And there’s this interesting new billboard..


I’ve never tried this drink, but my friend living in Sweden said its good. I haven’t figured out what is mind blowing about the ad, it is build into the wall as you can see however the wall itself is just a 2d disguise for the scaffolding behind it. But I trust them. That’s all we can do huh?


And as I say goodbye to Southwark I say hello to Old Street.


Old Street is located north of the river, in the Borough of Islington. The area itself seems to be thriving , with new buildings rising and the area of Shoreditch (the wider area Old Street is located in) being a hub for bars, restaurants, street food and art. I am looking forward to working in this area as it seems to give off a really good vibe and despite hitting 30, I am still far from retired from having a good time. I did get asked for ID the other day I have to mention. The shop keeper is now my best friend.

I want to stay central so I can go about my exploring without having too much time spent on public transport. It is frightening how much time I have spent in my life sitting on a train or bus, forced to do nothing but look out the window and do the same route day in day out. I do feel this is a chunk of time we all waste, endlessly scrolling through social media or depressing newspaper headlines in the hope of a momentary distraction. I now try to spend this time wisely, drafting up a post or writing down ideas as these small windows of time can really add up in the long term. If the commute is 30 minutes to work that’s an hour of our day… and five hours of the week! FIVE HOURS!!! That’s not far off a whole day shift. We spend a lot of time working for someone else, it is important that we do the same and be productive for ourselves too.

But yes, I want to be fairly central. One reason being a shorter commute to work, the other being I want quicker access to many of the cities sights to have more frequent and consistent uploads. And this brings me to my next section. Recently I posted a poll to Instagram, allowing followers to choose where my first trip would be in London. The vote was between Borough Market and Covent Garden.

Now I had no idea what the result would be (or what was more popular to those outside of London and the UK), and it was pretty one sided from the start.

The result was…


Borough Market started to make a late comeback however the result was still clear. So my first proper travel blog post will from Covent Garden, I am hoping next week. If I can add a blog post or two in the meantime I will, and by next week I might have a new home. Who knows!

I hope you are all having a great week, and I hope you enjoy my Covent Garden post when it comes. Thank you if you voted and if not, which one would you have chosen?

Goodbye from Southwark but hello to an exciting year ahead!

Speak to you all soon,