Life is fragile

Not long after I blogged about London Bridge it witnessed another terror attack. It is extremely sad to learn that two people died and I hope the injured make full recoveries. It has really put me off crossing this bridge, or any in London for that matter. I know it is pretty illogical to think like this though as these things can happen anywhere at any time. But on a bridge there isn’t many places to run.

I was working at the time, on a 7am to 3.30pm shift about a 7-8 minute walk away. My GM was reading something on his phone and said ‘Sam, don’t tell anyone to head towards Borough Market, there’s been an incident’. Naturally I got my phone out to see if there was anything on the news. I also went to text my mum in case she was worried, already seeing a text and missed call from her. After notifying my mum and sister I was fine I had to keep working and actually wasn’t able to leave work until closer to 6pm. It was a busy day and for charity we were holding a gin tasting event, I was allowed to have a couple of gins after work after a small donation and this helped to take the edge off the day.

You could see the police race down the busy street to the scene as it was happening, four or five cars and vans bravely rushing to the incident. I cannot imagine what that would be like. Nor can I imagine being on the bridge at the time, especially for those that fought the terrorist and for those that were stabbed. So close to Christmas too, but sadly that’s often the case.

After work I walked home, the area around Borough Market and the whole bridge closed off to public. I have recently decided to take smaller, quieter roads home that for so long had been the opposite to what I have been told. It is strange how the age of terrorism has changed things. Usually in emergencies we are told to walk calmly to safety, now we are told to run. The busy, well lit streets are now the ones I try to avoid. The less people, the lonelier, the better.


Police cars stopped traffic before stopping pedestrians, I could walk a little further before we were also stopped. My typical shortcut was the last street to be accessible to public, the road no longer full of vehicles but flashing lights and news reporters. It felt strange taking photos and videos but I am not doing it for fun. I have blogged about my life for the last 5 years or so and it would be strange to leave something like this out. Especially as it is currently affecting my day to day life.


I could get a little closer walking around the blockage to Borough High Street, at this point I was still trying to understand what had exactly happened. I heard a few things before leaving work, there was a stabbing, a shooting, a shooting on a bus… the usual mix of stories after something like this. But Borough High St looked like a movie set for all the wrong reasons. Cameras everywhere, police and London buses that had to be evacuated and abandoned now it became a crime scene.


You can see in the far left of the above photo, a policeman moving some signs. These were signs left by people- or maybe taken from people- saying things like ‘love will win’, ‘no room for hate’ and so on.

I would like this to be true, but sadly it will take a while for things like this to stop. It will also take more than a couple of signs after an incident. Now in my earlier days of blogging I would have been more than happy to have a rant and get my opinions out there on this kind of thing. But over time my opinions change, and I am realising that trying to talk on topics such as terrorism, religion, politics, immigration etc isn’t easy and very messy. Not to mention dangerous and that conversations with both the left and the right is getting more and more difficult without someone being triggered. All we need is conversation. Even if it is infuriating and with someone closed minded or with opinions different to ours, if they are willing to chat that is the most important thing. Cherish any conversation with someone that is willing to sit down and listen, even if you don’t agree with them.


Today the weather was beautiful. London Bridge seemed to be getting back to normal, traffic is moving again with a police presence.


The bridge seems to be open again, with the pavement where the attack took place still closed.



Christmas time is always magical, but is always a time when certain people want to do the cruelest of things to ruin the holidays. This is tragically the case for Jack Merritt, 25 and Saskia Jones, 23, and their families. They were the ones that lost their lives a few days ago, it turns out this happened in a building not far away. London Bridge was where the attacker was finally brought down and shot.

Life is fragile, and unpredictable. One minute we can be worrying about buying presents, planning holidays and what to have for dinner this evening, the next we are no longer here. It really makes me realise what to prioritise in life and that 99% of problems aren’t actually problems. It also reminds me that I should contact my family every day. We have been ever since my dad passed. Life seems to be a road that every year becomes more and more like a tightrope. And I am trying not to take every day for granted like I used to.

RIP to the young adults that lost their lives, and stay safe everyone wherever you are.

Our love/hate relationship with logic and reason

As I wake up this morning I understand that over 50 people in Las Vegas did not get the chance to. Beyond tragic. People having fun, enjoying life and being punished for it. It is hard to make sense of this crazy and dangerous world, a world that opts for faith over reason and prays even harder when unreasonable events occur.

Two people registered themselves safe on my Facebook news feed as they are currently on holiday in Las Vegas. Say what you like about social media, this is a great tool for the peace of mind of loved ones and instant news about dangerous occurances in your area. As long as technology is being used for good, that is all I can hope for. 

Sadly, members of the public are still posting on the crisis response page of Facebook about missing loved ones. These posts are gaining many replies, mostly of prayers. 

Prayers are fascinating. They are literally the most paralysing action we can carry out without tying ourselves up. The very nature of a prayer is to close our eyes and put our hands together. If someone else did this to us it would be a kidnapping. Think about that for a brief moment. The reason prisoners have their sight and mobility taken from them is to rid them of freedom. They are now immobile. Useless. Extremely vulnerable to external threats and actions. For thousands of years we have been urged to do this to ourselves if we want to see change. Do as little as possible and be wrongly convinced that it will be the quickest route to an answer. Is it any wonder why these prayers accumulate to nothing? To me, it makes absolute sense. There will be another mass shooting. There will be another million prayers. Change comes when we open our eyes and use those hands.

The problem is, the alternative is to look away from faith. This is a very scary concept for many, and illogical one for others. I understand the desire for faith, however if we choose to look at faith over reason we have to accept that we need faith even more to cope with the unreasonable acts we read about daily. If our societies were driven by evidence instead of ideologies passed down through families, think of how much progress could be made. Think of how soon we may be able to understand the mind of a man that desires to shoot hundreds of people with firearms from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel room. Think of how soon we could persuade a suicide bomber that they don’t have to blow themselves up to please a God that they have never met before and tha a nice walk is a better option. Think of how soon we would render prayer useless as we no longer need it to comfort ourselves when human beings turn against one another in the most horrific ways.

It may take a thousand years to unlock the countless mysteries that plague our existence, this should not be seen as an excuse to do nothing in the meantime. Typing a blog post does little to help the situation, it is probably as effective as prayer. I personally believe that understanding that you aren’t being productive is more beneficial that believing you are when in fact you aren’t. It frees up so much time to make an actual difference and we should all have an aim to free up as much of our time as possible before it is taken away by dangerous minds.

The world is too beautiful to spend large parts of our day with our eyes closed. 

Have a safe day everyone and use your free time to make the most of life, not to please others.