Thank you for your help!

Just a quick thank you to everyone that has been reading my blog posts recently. I love engaging with you all everyday and seeing how you have been doing, especially during this lockdown.


Also thank you to those that have followed me on Instagram, I can’t be taking too many photos whilst this pandemic spreads but I will do once we are able to explore again. It will be worth the click, I swear. I have also changed my profile photo over there to the one above, as I really like it and it seems many of you do too. It is a little brighter than the previous one as I am no longer in Edinburgh I felt I needed a change!

Regarding this post, I am still responding to some comments and will get in touch with some of you to see if a joint post will be possible. I have a couple of posts in progress and I am very excited to share them with you from fellow bloggers around the world. And as I said I hope to do more of this moving forward.

Please accept my apologies that some of my responses are a couple days late, but on work days it is very difficult unless I do this at work. I am literally out all day. Tomorrow is my last day of four though so I have four days off to catch up, get some new and exciting blog posts our there and maybe some more photos if I can find another scenic walk.

But thank you again for all your support on my blog, I really appreciate the love and spend so much of my free time here because of this. You have really helped me keep going all these years.

Stay safe, and I will speak to you all soon 🙂



Due to the Coronavirus outbreak I am somewhat limited as to what I can do in London, but I aim to post as much as I can during this time. I promise to have some great posts coming your way once this is all over as I continue to explore London.

Stay home, stay safe and happy blogging!



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What a difference two years makes…

Another post I wanted to share was very fitting because it was two years ago tomorrow. I have had a habit recently of finding old posts that were posted on or almost on the same date but years prior, coincidental to say the least. This post has given me inspiration for a post tomorrow which is great and look forward to sharing.

It is fascinating looking back to milestones I achieved in blogging, and I actually remember typing this post up and how happy I was at my achievement. What I have noticed is that I was as happy gaining my 500th follower as I was when I typed my last milestone post thanking 6,000 readers that have decided to join me on my journey. Like I have said, it isn’t the number but the growth that I love to see, and that so many people, whether it is 50, 500 or 6,000, are happy to engage with me and follow my blog. It really is appreciated.

I still can’t believe I managed to get The Proclaimers in there though…



From February 7th, 2017…

Drinks are on me.

So August was already off to a great start and then I noticed that I hit 500 followers this morning. Thank you to each and every one of you that has shown support and continue to do so daily. You know who you are!


If every one of you beautiful bloggers were to stand a mile apart, I would have a pretty long walk ahead of me to meet every one of you…. although oddly there is a high chance that you would then be much closer to me than you currently are, which is pretty cool to think.

And whilst I am on the topic of 500 miles, I have found this picture of Europe courtesy of moth dad on Twitter, showing where the The Proclaimers* would end up if they did indeed walk 500 miles, and then 500 more.


Are you in the dangerzone?!

*For anyone born after 2000 (especially outside of the UK), The Proclaimers were a band with a hit song about walking a thousand miles for the one they loved, we just don’t know the planned route. If you enter a British pub that is playing karaoke and this isn’t played, there is probably a glitch in the matrix.




Originally posted 08/02/2017

Re-posted 07/02/2019


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Happy blogging,


Unexpected events 

I was going to send another post out this evening, unfortunately I won’t be able to as I have been required to attend not one but two incidents needing first aid. Sorry!

I’m not a paramedic, just the closest person that was first aid trained. It’s strange that something so rarely used is required a couple of hours apart…
I’m also going to revise what I have learned during my training, you never know who will rely on you at any point. Thankfully these weren’t life threatening today but to think one day someone’s life may be in our hands, pretty powerful stuff. 

As I’ve got a little time I want to give a thank you to everyone that reads my posts, I know the last thank you wasn’t too long ago but you can never give too much love. Stay safe out there!


Thank you to what seems to be every nation apart from the UK celebrating Mother’s Day today, resulting in the annual moment of panic as I fail to remember ours has already been and gone. This actually leads on quite fittingly from my Words post earlier today.

Also, thank you to everyone who follows, reads and likes my blog for allowing me to hit 13,000 views  today. I love you all!