Customer service 

I was getting a little annoyed with Ticketek recently as I was waiting for confirmation of my Muse ticket. For some strange reason it was saying my ticket was either voided or the Sydney event was cancelled. Speaking to the ticket provider is a nightmare as the waiting time is an hour plus, most of the time trying to call results in a ‘please call back later’ and the call ending. 

I can’t wait for this gig. I watch all of their shows on YouTube if there is a decent pro shot on offer, I was enjoying a recent gig in Japan (uploaded by a fan) earlier this month before it was deleted due to copyright. I was mid way through too. What better way is there to prepare for a gig than to watch their current gigs online? Do people do this, or is it a spoiler? Let me know.

Today I got a call from Ticketek, finally confirming my ticket is indeed valid. Tonight I will celebrate with a beer and belt out Plug In Baby.

Warning to new followers, I will reference Muse from time to time. They are a main reason why I can remain happy and sane in a crazy world.

Sunday not so funday 

Sunday’s are such a fascinating contrast to the rest of the week aren’t they? No busy crowds, no honking cars, the CBD becomes a ghost town as everyone flees to the outer suburbs for their day of rest before it all starts again tomorrow.


Anyway, I’ve had a rather frustrating day. I remember that I asked for my Muse ticket via text for their Sydney gig in December. Dilemma being (possibly) that with the water damage my phone might not last that long. On top of that, the U.K. number I originally booked with has now changed to an Australian one. So far that doesn’t seem to be a problem as I can open the original text from my old number which is still present on this iPhone and access the ticket. That is, until I get the following message when trying to save it to my Ticketek wallet.

I don’t want another event experience, I want this one!

I still managed to add the ticket to Apple Wallet, so it seems live. I guess I’ll have to hit the turnstile on gig day and hope for the best. My mentality remains positive as I have started making some decent travel plans for the rest of the year and 2018. First stop, the Blue Mountains on Tuesday. 

This will also be my first stay in a hostel, as I feel an overnight trip will be much more beneficial as there is nothing worse than thinking about heading home on the same evening. The Blue Mountains is an area of outstanding natural beauty 90 minutes west of Sydney, so one full day here shouldn’t be too much of a problem provided I actually get up after my first early alarm and not attack the snooze button.

We will see Tuesday!