The best view Sydney can offer

I’m not talking about the city sightseeing bus. I’m talking about the great high-rise behind it. I was walking by (around the time I was posting about the Sirius Building) and it made me think about the daily benefits Sydneysiders have over tourists, only to probably take them for granted.

Think of the views from this building, the Gateway Plaza. The people that are too busy to gaze out of the window and the distances you could see from the highest floor. It is a shame to think some of the tallest buildings in any city are the ones that are built for workers. Now I understand that these buildings wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t a demand for office space, there are more people in a city trying to earn a living than people visiting it on any day. There are towers that have tourists in mind such as the Sydney Tower Eye, so tourists aren’t exactly getting a bad deal. But what if every building had an observation deck for people to use? If one floor was designated for those looking for a different view of the city, for a small fee would this earn the company more money than an office full of employees? I am sure someone out there could do the maths. Maybe they have and that is why most high-rises don’t have them.

So that is my thought for the day. Have you had similar thoughts? Are you a city bus tour kind of person or a selfie from the top of the cities tallest building- kind of person?

I am not the best with heights, however I also get travel sick. I think a great view over the city wins for me with some great memories of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and the Empire State Building in New York City. Very impressive buildings and opportunities I won’t forget.