My first taste of luxury and freedom (but I’m still in hostels)

One night in Townsville… this is the city that is my gateway to freedom from farmwork. Four of us made the great escape on the coach and from here, take a coach or a flight to the next destination. Two of us are staying in this particular hostel for one night (two in another just down the road) and then I am heading down to Airlie Beach.

I think.

This is more like a mini resort than a typical budget hostel. I mean come on, it has a well maintained swimming pool and a bar with swings. Admittedly I did not use either, but it was nice to be in a more relaxed environment away from bunk beds that have panels missing and dirty floors from work boots.

I mean there were still some crazy antics… we were walking- okay, stumbling- fairly drunk up the stairs early in the morning and we were greeted by a mud crab crawling towards us. Kebab in hand, we freaked out as a topless man ran around the corner chasing it and picked it up.

Now, I can only assume this was a prank as I am sure it would not be very hard to catch up to a crab, but I am glad he did because these things can use their claws with some power. He started laughing his head off and began to jokingly taunt us with it but by then we were all laughing. We did in fact forget about this until the following morning when we met this man again. He immediately recognised us and pointed and laughed outside of the pool. We didn’t have much time to talk as we needed to check out but it seems he was fishing earlier in the day. He may indeed live here, a guy in his 40’s that knows the town pretty well. Why this would mean he would be wandering the stairs with a crab is anybody’s guess.

Oh hostel life, I love you.

So now, back to travel posts, photographs of landscapes, architecture and street art and little bits of personal philosophy and opinions on anything and everything that inspires me to think.

So, my beautiful readers, is there anything that you are looking forward to the most? Let me know and I will try to make it work.

Have a great day!

I needed a break from farmwork

The thing with small farming towns is, there isn’t much opportunity to escape. So when I had the chance to escape for the day, I did.

The guy to the right of the picture is James. He knew that the couple you can see sitting on the sand were having a couples night away in Townsville (the nearest city to Ayr), so we decided to get a coach up that day and book a hostel. 

The couple you can see are Stephen and Kayleigh, two Glaswegians. We left them to do their thing during the day, we snuck up on them later in the evening in a nightclub thanks to Jade and Lewis, to Londoners that went up for a couples getaway that day too. We told them that we were heading up as we booked it whilst they were still in our hostel waiting for their coach ride. This is how we found out what nightclub to surprise them at. This picture was the following day, when we spotted them on the beach recovering from a mild hangover. We had a quick chat and again left them to their own devices.

Townsville is a nice city. It is fairly small, roughly 168,000 with nice beaches. There are a few bars and restaurants to choose from, I would recommend it as a city to visit if you visit Magnetic Island whilst there. This is the island you can see in the image above and below. 

There seems to be plenty to do on the island after a short ferry ride; water sports, fort walks, boat tours, private tours, amazing sunsets, fun hostels, off roading, not to mention the cute animals to be encountered. I cannot endorse this island too much as I haven’t been, but maybe in the near future. I’ve heard good things from the people that have visited.

But back to the mainland. It was nice to hear so many Australian accents and less backpackers. It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear Aussie accents in Australia, but it sometimes is. I guess the good thing about the smaller cities in Oz is that they aren’t as popular for tourists. There is more of a chance to speak to some locals. 

Despite being a small city, it felt like New York compared to Ayr. And it felt good!

Speak to you all soon.

Hello Brisbane!

Brisbane, I see you! Sorry I cannot stay, but one good thing about connecting flights is that you can get a pretty good city view coming in to land, even if you cannot explore the city.

Have you had a favourite view from an airplane window? This was a pretty beautiful one, as was my whole view from Sydney up to Townsville.

Update coming soon!