This is such a 2017 thing to do 

A gingerbread man with breasts, or a gingerbread woman with a shaved head? I will have to settle with gingerbread person with this one. 

I was given this as a present from someone at work yesterday. He/she/it tasted delicious. It was interesting as I was watching some debates on YouTube on transgenderism and I think there are good arguments on both sides of the debate. The debate being should a male be able to label himself female and be officially recognised as one. I really don’t know. I’m happy to call a man a ‘she’ if he wants to, however to be recognised as one on passports etc could cause problems. For one, he is biologically a male. So that would throw a spanner into the works. Secondly, if Trump decides tomorrow that he is a woman, would he then be the first female president? I doubt many people would be okay with that! 

It also reminded me of a person I met earlier this year. A businessman I interacted with often in a previous job that recognised himself as female. We all called him ‘her’ and she was quite pleasant. She had a girlfriend. And one day when this girlfriend wasn’t with her, she asked us where we think she should go to find straight males that she wanted to flirt with. This person also threatened to phone the police when a colleague labeled her as ‘sir’. If all instincts are that a person is a male, the facial structure, the deep voice, it can be pretty hard to not instinctively go with ‘sir’. What if a blind person interacts with the transgender person? And are the police really necessary?

This to me is a very 2017 dilemma. A man that labels himself as a woman that has a girlfriend likes to hit in straight guys in bars. Does this make her girlfriend straight or gay? If she picks up a straight guy, is the guy homosexual? 

I think 2017 is too much for me to take in.

It has certainly made me think of my stance. I would say I’m left leaning, however I try my best to not get sucked in entirely to all leftists movements. Some of them I don’t like the idea of. 
So those are my thoughts after eating this gingerbread person. I’ll give it my name, Sam, as it is gender neutral. Not like me, I’m a guy.

For now.