I have another confession. I read in-flight magazines. They help me to forget that I am about to be launched 30,000ft at 600mph, especially with adverts like this one.


I would hate to read this and think ‘you know what? I might have to get this.’, please don’t be in that kind of relationship. It isn’t healthy. Not that you should take advice from a single guy, that is up to you.

Trust is a beautiful thing, if implemented with the right person and a disaster if given to the wrong person. I hate that I cannot give 100% love and trust to everyone. If I did, how long would it work out? How long before something terrible happens to be, benefiting the trusted person?

I was rudely awakened the other day by a man banging on my door despite it still being morning. I couldn’t hide the fact that I was barely awake despite trying my best. He said:

‘Excuse me mate, sorry to bother you but I have just taken a tablet and its lodged in my throat. Can I get a glass of water?’

For him to knock on my door he had to know the security code, he was also wearing overalls dotted in white paint. I said of course. He downed it, thanked me and walked on by.

Now, was I in the wrong for having a little internal debate with myself whether or not to do it? What if he had a knife or gun and now, access to my flat? My flatmate was away on business, something he often posts on social media. What if the guy at my door was just checking to see if the flat was empty all together?

If I was vulnerable, I probably wouldn’t have opened the door. If it was late at night, I might not have either. I don’t think it is ignorant of people to seem cautious with strangers, they aren’t the ones ruining society. It is the ones that show trust can let us down and does regularly.