Street smart

To follow on from my previous post (partially), a message I had found on the street in Newcastle, NSW.

Not art, more a simple message that has been scribbled on the floor. I felt it was a deep enough message to take a photo.


For those struggling to see the message, it reads- ‘Abandon TV and enter the age of knowledge’.

Not that TV was the problem I talked about recently, it was the internet, and the dilemma for me is that I feel the internet is much more beneficial for finding the truth that TV can ever be. The sad thing is it is also a haven for cyber bullying, trolls and misinformation. Like so many things, it is about using the internet as the powerful tool it is and taking advantage of the capabilities instead of letting it take advantage of us. Like being caught up in a violent storm, we can use the strong winds to carry us or knock us down. If a gale is blowing, kite surf.

So yes, the internet is much better than TV for information, however it is a lot more dangerous. In an age in which we have the ability to obtain all the information gathered throughout human history, it is learning how to extract this goodness that we need to practice.


Think about it. We read fiction to escape a mundane reality that in reality, is not that mundane.

Imagine seeing this sunset for the first time with no prior knowledge of the sun at all, seemingly sandwiched between these two trees. How far away would you estimate it to be? Is it right there between the trees? Is it directly above the small boat below? How would you possibly know without trying impossibly to reach it without ever getting there?


To know that it is in fact 93 million miles away is incredible. It is no longer a mystery and this makes it even more amazing. The fact that despite this vast distance, the sun still manages to dwarf the small boat that is close enough for me to swim to deserves so much recognition. I guess because it is all we have ever know we so rarely take a moment to watch it disappear behind the ocean.

We don’t need to hide from reality to enjoy life, some things in life are much more mind blowing and magical the more we get to know about them. I am sure there are plenty more unimaginable facts out there waiting for us once we put our books down to a much more exciting reality.

There must be a reason why we are so obsessed with reality and chat shows, soap operas and talk show DNA tests. To be so entertained by watching people live normal lives, where is the fun in that? Do what you want of course, just make sure your time is spent wisely and know that this is a better time than ever to learn about the truth so many humans have sought and sometimes been killed for, for centuries.