Good morning London!

I’m not here right now, but I’m working roughly a 45 minute walk from the famous London Eye and looking outside, the weather is as glorious as it was when I took these shots.


The Elizabeth Tower can be seen in the background, covered in scaffolding. The Elizabeth Tower houses Big Ben, which is the bell and not the tower itself contrary to popular belief. This was something I learned only a few years back, I grew up thinking Big Ben was the Tower. Not the case!

Apparently the restoration works were due to be completed in 2021, however I am sure this has hit a delay. Work started on the tower in 2017 so it is now in the latter half of the work… I wonder how far back the completion date will be??


It is sad that tourists coming to London will not be able to see one of its most iconic sights, but there is plenty more to see from the top of this wheel. Especially on a day as clear as this.

I really, really want to go up some time but I’m not the best with heights, so I keep putting it off. And I know from past experiences on cable cars (the closest experience to this I imagine) that despite the initial fear, it is such a rewarding experience. Just not one that I can enjoy at the time.

Should I stop the excuses and do it? Has anyone reading been on the Eye?

Right now however I’m happy that I have to stay on the ground.



Due to the Coronavirus outbreak I am somewhat limited as to what I can do in London, but I aim to post as much as I can during this time. I promise to have some great posts coming your way once this is all over as I continue to explore London.

Stay home, stay safe and happy blogging!



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The mystery is a motivator

Hey there, how’s it going? Great beard by the way. It is nice to see someone else outside, even if you can’t talk back.


Just kidding, as you can see above I wasn’t the only one outside. This was taken a month back, the two people in the background happy to just walk right by one another and not avoiding contact like, well, the plague.

The statue is a memorial to John Donne, a poet and priest, unveiled in 2012. He was born in 1572 and died in 1631 at the age of 59. I guess for his time he had a good innings. He was Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral and this is the location of his memorial.


I took this photo on a truly gorgeous day. I found a bench to sit on, took a moment and thought about what this cathedral has witnessed over it’s lifetime. This has been the site for St Paul’s Cathedral for over 1,400 years. And looking at St Paul’s Cathedrals website it states the cathedral has been rebuilt five times. This is the current building, over 300 years old and built after the previous one was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666. Sir Christopher Wren was the architect for the current building.

That is a heck of a lot of history, and the Great Fire of London was just one of the many ‘sh*t hits the fan’ moments this city has seen. The blitz being another, this building fortunately surviving when others around it crumbled.


And it is still standing tall. It is a shame buildings can’t speak to talk of their stories, but we at least have the written records from the people of the time. And these records show us that life is full of unexpected, tragic events.

But these records also show us that humans persevere, and come out of them too. And everyday we are creating history to look back on, only time will tell what stories will be retold in classrooms a thousand years from now. Will this pandemic be remembered, or will this be a small blip not tracked on future’s radar? What is life changing for us could very well be too insignificant to be told if events ahead of us overshadow it. Yellowstone erupting for example. Not a scenario I want to imagine right now.

Who will be remembered? Will it be the ones we look up to today? Maybe not. Someone that makes wild predictions today might be the most relatable to future generations. Someone we would not expect at all. What musicians and artists, scientists and politicians. I wish I could know.

But this makes life fascinating. Not knowing what life has in store helps me to get out of bed everyday. Provided I have a certain level of optimism of course. Yes I could break my leg today but I could also win the lottery or find the love of my life. The mystery is a motivator.


And although this cathedral has seen many a cloudy day, a blue sky will always return. ‘This too shall pass’ is making the rounds on the internet right now and for good reason. It is great to be reminded that this metaphorical blue sky will return and we shouldn’t look back when we have so much to look forward to.

What are you looking forward to the most when life gets back to normal? Seeing family again, a coffee shop date, having friends round on the weekends? For me it is seeing family and friends again and it not being through a webcam. But I also cannot wait to get out there and practice photography more, hopefully in time for summer.

Have a good day and remember, we are one day closer to being back to normal!




St Paul’s Cathedral information obtained on their site,


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak I am somewhat limited as to what I can do in London, but I aim to post as much as I can during this time. I promise to have some great posts coming your way once this is all over as I continue to explore London.

Stay home, stay safe and happy blogging!



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Is this now classed as an adventure?

I am just reading your comments from my previous post, what I love about the WordPress community is that it is full of diversity and people with differing interests. My question was where would you like to visit post apocalypse? Reading the comments the responses varied a lot. Cities and beach resorts, hometowns, ancient wonders of the world, and even just a supermarket without the people (I hear you Pat).

Thank you for all your comments, I will be responding to them very soon.

Today I needed to pop to a specific shop. The flat I have moved into for now close to work is pretty old, it still has one of those electric meters you need to top up with a stick at a convenience store. With it being Sunday most were closed. I found online that one was open, I popped my mask on and headed to it. I strapped my GoPro to my bag as I walked to get some footage of the lockdown to show the grandkids, however looking back at it I did a bad job of walking at a reasonable pace.

Now I know that I am a fast walker, and even though I tried to slow it down it was still too fast. The camera was bouncing and I felt dizzy watching it. I also filmed in 4K and the 16 minute recording was over 3GB which is a hell of a lot so in terms of uploading I have to consider the size too. But I know for next time and if I do record my future walks when I have to leave the house, I may upload them to my blog. I don’t go out often with this pandemic, only when needed. And it feels like an adventure when I do.

I have been watching lots of these videos by a YouTuber named Watched Walker. He does a great job of filming his walks around London, at a decent pace too. I will leave you tonight with one of his videos as I feel they are not just fascinating, but something future generations can look back on with fascination as we do with black and white footage.

It is also a great way to see London for those that aren’t from here (the majority of you!) and before Corona took hold. It is so strange to see groups of people again…

I hope you enjoy, and I will speak to you all soon!



Due to the Coronavirus outbreak I am somewhat limited as to what I can do in London, but I aim to post as much as I can during this time. I promise to have some great posts coming your way once this is all over as I continue to explore London.

Stay home, stay safe and happy blogging!



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One positive to take from all of this

I have one bad habit every new year. Not the typical broken resolution but thinking ahead and forgetting to put the rose tinted glasses on first. Especially if everything in the past year or so has gone fairly well… I cannot help but to ask myself ‘what sh*t will go down next and when will it be?‘.

Where will it be?


You know how every December, TV stations will do an annual recap of the year? Major events that took place, new sports stars becoming household names, new political scandals. Some of these events come totally out of the blue and I find it fascinating that we cannot predict the next unpredictable event, but it’s inevitable.

I find it pretty scary in all honesty. I have always done this, and I remember in particular this being a very dark thought even as a kid. My earliest memory of this was whilst in the back seat of the car with my family, probably on the way back from my grandparents one evening. As a treat on the return journey (I would often get travel sick and they lived a good 40 minutes away) we would get a takeaway to enjoy on a Sunday evening before school the next day. I don’t know why I thought this then, or why I remember it, but we were outside of the fish and chip shop and I thought to myself ‘one day I am going to get very sick and it’s going to feel awful’ in whatever way my internal dialogue would have manifested at 10 or 11 years old. It is one of my earliest memories of self made anxiety and I tell you it hasn’t really ceased since. I like to obsess about the inevitability of something bad happening and the fear of not knowing when.

At the beginning of the year I did genuinely wonder what would be the next major catastrophe or world changing event. When would it be? Who would it affect? Is it natural or man made? Every year there is at least one huge news story. And knowing 2020 would be no different is frustrating as all we can do each and every time is get on with our lives in the hope that it stays at bay for as long as possible. Whatever it is. It is a monster that we know exists but we don’t know what to look out for.

2020 didn’t take long to become movie like. WW3 almost began as my New Years hangover was only just going away and that caused enough anxiety. For the first time in a while I had a reminder that life is fragile and realised that if something like that did kick off, there isn’t really anything we can do but experience it full on. Our individual lives are dictated by things much larger than ourselves and we have to hope that things just stay calm enough for us to live relatively stable lives. And this kind of stability that only some of us experience in the world today hasn’t always been the norm. This is the best time to have existed for so many of us. But it doesn’t mean this is how it will always be.

But WW3 didn’t happen and so far hasn’t. And as we were just calming down a virus decided to take over the world. Invasions don’t always come in the form of armies and is another reminder on top of the reminder that the ways in which our lives can be disrupted are endless. Ways we cannot predict or prepare well for. Ways that cripple businesses that have been around for hundreds of years. I swear if anyone told me that in 2020 a pandemic would spread and put the world on lock down I would be incredibly skeptical. McDonald’s would close its doors.


Sporting events would halt. The Premier league here in England would be postponed and stadiums would be considered as temporary hospitals. Liverpool are well on their way to winning their first title in 30 years and I wouldn’t be surprised if the virus emerged from a Manchester lab. I’m just saying…


But as this spreads, and as much as it is a killer, we have to see the positives. Hopefully this will be a warning to us all that we have to have solid plans in place for lock-downs in future. The death rate is pretty low in general, obviously it is higher the older we get and for those with other illnesses, but if it was the same danger to everyone the NHS and services around the world would struggle even more. It is bad, but could be a hell of a lot worse too. A virus that truly hits us all and wipes us out completely. As much as this is disrupting our lives it is sobering to think we have still got it good in the grand scheme of things. I remember the White Island volcanic eruption in New Zealand in December, an eruption with power we simply cannot comprehend as humans. It killed over 20 people visiting the island and a sight the survivors will not forget in a lifetime. The eruption caused an ash plume to rise 12,000 feet into the air. I mention this event because it was considered ‘a throat clearing’ in terms of volcanic activity. And I guess this virus, as dangerous as it is, is probably the same thing.

We are very lucky to witness ‘throat clearing’ events, in the sense that they could be so much more. They aren’t enjoyable, they aren’t safe but they aren’t species ending. If I had to have something positive to take from 2020 so far it would be that. It hasn’t ended us. But I hope it fuels a bigger desire to come together and be aware of the more catastrophic events that are possible, and inevitable.

I hope this is a positive post? It doesn’t really feel it now I read it back, but I was trying.

Also for anyone in the UK, at 8pm (20 minutes time!) the population will be clapping out of their windows to thank NHS workers for working hard to fight the virus. I will be doing so. Thanks mum for letting me know.

Let’s let them know they are are appreciated!


To my mum on Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day in the UK, my first in the UK since returning. But with the British government telling us that the best gift we can give today is to ‘stay away from mum’, the distance feels just as big.


But I will obviously listen to the advice.

We live in a bitter-sweet time. A time when we cannot control a virus but have the technology to connect the world in such a way that said virus goes global instantly. We also live in a time that allows us to connect digitally, and by sharing a quick FaceTime conversation that distance seems to shrink again.

I just wanted to put a quick happy mothers day message out there to the world. Remembering how lucky I am to have such a great mother, although I had never forgotten. And a happy mothers day to all you mothers out there.

I am sorry I couldn’t be with you this time round, but the beauty of life is we don’t have to limit such acknowledgments to one day. And we shouldn’t. There is a flaw in having a date circled in the calendar months ahead of time, when we have no idea what is around the corner. A global pandemic disrupting everything for example. It is much better to show love daily as tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. This quote is said so much but it is so true. I try not to forget this fact and each and every year I grow to realise how lucky we all are to enjoy another year on this earth. I am lucky to still be able to say it to my mum. Not everyone can, or could.

Happy mothers day to my amazing mum, and to all you great mothers out there.

Oh and take lots of photos, for the times when you can’t be together.




Popping to the shops pandemic-style

London’s weather is getting mild! I am counting down the days until I can finally retire this winter coat that you have probably seen too much of already. And I think that day will be coming soon.

As much as I wanted to stay in for a second day I really couldn’t as I needed to buy some things. It is funny how fast a food stock can diminish when there is little to do but stay inside. I found the appropriate socks for the occasion and made my way.

*warning- strong but relatable language*

That same blue crane is still there from a recent post, does it really take that long to install the flowers or did they just share the same feeling as the guy on my socks?!

On my adrenaline fueled walk there didn’t seem to be too much panic and the streets weren’t as empty as I was expecting. The coffee shops had a load more take outs (the two cafes I walked by were empty, I only saw one customer sitting at a table) but the roads were busy and still a fair few pedestrians of all ages.

The picture above is a little blurrier now I look at it on my laptop screen, sorry about that. However I am situated right underneath the M by Montcalm boutique hotel, it is best known for being somewhat of an optical illusion when walking towards it. You can see it below in the shots I have taken from the roundabout (basically walking right down the road you can see above and turning 180), the first shot was a few days ago, the second taken today and you can see it is a little quieter in comparison.


Googling the optical illusion building I found a Reddit forum with a bunch of mixed reviews. What do you think of it? For me it is a little uneasy on the eye as my brain is trying to make sense of it as I walk, but I don’t mind it. And I am sure it is very nice on the inside.

Below, queues in the local pharmacy. I am in central London though so I don’t think this it too different to the norm.

The main difference being hand sanitizers are now kept behind the till and a limit of two per person is in effect, however I am sure there are similar measures around the world too.

I might keep growing my beard until this is all over, yay or nay? I wonder how long it would get. My hair might keep greying too, we shall see. The mask in the featured image was just a GIF I found on Instagram, but I’m sure you could tell anyways. I was a little more exposed to the elements in real life.

Shelves are empty though… I was trying to get the ingredients to make a chili that would last me a few days, it took me four shops to get it all.

Toilet paper was well stocked though.

I walked a fair bit between the stores. The thing I like about Old Street is that it is a mish-mash of all kinds of architecture. Some old and new, some dull and boring and others full of colour. If I had to describe this area in one word, I don’t think I could. I can’t really describe it… it’s dirty and full of construction however some areas are very bright and clean. Old buildings situated next to new ones. Thankfully street art really helps and reflects the exciting and vibrant side to it.

Below is a bar called Bounce, located right next to the local fire station. It offers food and drink, but most importantly ping pong. I have heard it is really good and seems to be very popular. I am looking forward to giving it a try.

Don’t be fooled, these bars are still open. Boris (our PM) hasn’t put us in lockdown but has urged us to stay away from bars and restaurants and avoid unnecessary travel. He is giving us daily updates live on TV with the help of experts and today announced that schools are finally closing. The hospitality industry is on it’s knees but is still operating.

I made my way to the final store, all out. On my way back I decided to fancy my chances in the small grocery store on the corner. On the same street as the two comparison photos above, a little closer to the hotel. What I have realised is that the shelves are emptying in the chain supermarkets, but the local grocery shops still seem to be fully stocked. Where the shelves were empty of tins in Sainsbury’s and Tesco, they look like they have hardly been touched here. How long will this last? Hopefully a long time!! When I thought I was going to have to try again tomorrow I struck gold. There’s me sorted for the next week.


That is all for now from me. Have a good evening, eat well and stay safe.

Bye for now!




Travel updates on social media will be delayed until further notice, but thank you to those that have followed me on Instagram and the like in the mean time. I can’t wait to be back at it!


Is it still Sunday?!

Sundays are a great day to work. I know how silly this sounds to people that get the weekend off however I prefer working the weekend. It’s much more peaceful.

Weekends are quiet working in a residential building. We don’t have to oversee hundreds of parcels arriving, we don’t have to constantly sign contractors in and out doing whatever work needs to be done on site. And despite most residents being off work there is little footfall in and around the lobby. The quiet time is such a contrast and it’s great. Security is still present because of the increase in drunks etc outside of the building, but if anything this makes the slower days more pleasant. We can actually have conversation and the team I work with are great.

You can finally hear the lobby music playing and is a relaxing end to the week. With the virus going round the less people the better right now. Some residents are debating whether or not to return to their home countries during all of this, and some already have. Three girls left yesterday with suitcases and I’m not exaggerating when I say they were wearing protective gear from head to toe. It looked like they were about to examine a murder scene but they were just getting a taxi to the airport, the driver in his own mask didn’t really seem too phased. They took some selfies with one friend they left behind, laughing and throwing peace signs up so it was all in good spirits.

This was yesterday. I am typing this just before 11pm on Monday British time, so I know it seems a little late as the weekend is well and truly over. But today was a weird day. It seemed like a Sunday after midday as the streets were quiet and our building started to close down some of the facilities late afternoon. The swimming pool, spa and steam room have been closed to our residents in all of this, our other facilities still open. For now. It seems like just a matter of time before more is closed, not just here but everywhere. 

This morning felt more like a Monday though, as I was walking towards the roundabout people were up and about, workers working and business as usual. I saw this team installing flowers into the Alchemist’s wall, a bar not too far from me and the green exterior really is great to see in Old Street. That blue sky was welcomed too.


At work, a business owner came in as he was using our car park. He was pretty worried about his business (not the one above), now closed on weekends as sales are half of what they were before the virus. Staff have been laid off too. It is pretty crazy to think of all the things a business has to consider to survive, a virus! Not the first threat whatsoever. But it is here and now he is having to deal with it with his team. 

Store shelves are emptying, our PM despite not calling for a full lockdown has asked Britons to refrain from mass gatherings, non-essential travel and a lack of physical contact with others. Avoid bars and restaurants, however kids still need to go to school. Many have brought up the fact that a school pretty much is a mass gathering, I am hoping there is some logic as to why classes are still on. Kids can’t be trusted to stay indoors if school is out? I am not sure.

I stocked up myself today to get me through the next couple weeks, I am pretty annoyed as I have just signed up for a gym that I doubt I will be using for the foreseeable future at least. I finally found the motivation and the universe has found a way for me to avoid it further. Perfect.

I really, really want to take some shots of London whilst it is quiet though. Have you seen the movie 28 Days Later? Maybe it won’t go this far buuuuut seeing a crowded city slowly become more deserted would be fascinating. It would be fascinating to document too, as who knows how long it will be before something makes us all go into a lockdown again. This isn’t just one city or wider state during a storm or something. It is global. As much as it is a burden there is something fascinating about that.

It is now after midnight, my eyes are closing. I would say it was a long 13 hour shift today, however time went by so fast. But it was incredibly tiring. I will stop there though as I realise those that really are working hard through this are the health workers. It isn’t an easy job at all. My thoughts go out to them, as well as those being treated and those that have sadly lost their lives. 

The mood has really changed here in the UK, as I’m sure it has in so many other countries. People are beginning to admit defeat and self isolate, grabbing what they can to get them through. I plan to have a load of soup in the next couple weeks. Something I was brought up on and appreciate much more as an adult. 

If you currently are in lockdown or believe it is around the corner, what is the one food you couldn’t be without? I would love to know.

See you in the comments hopefully, and stay safe!




A sneak peak!

*update* The poll is finally up on Instagram, sorry it is a day late however I went from work yesterday and straight out to my works Christmas party in the city and didn’t get any time in between. I work in hotels… so Christmas parties tend to be in January when we have stopped hosting them and it is quiet enough to have our own.

Covent Garden has so far taken 100% of the votes… let’s see if it can hold the lead!



It’s the weekend! I wanted to do a post that will start the New Year as I hope to end it. With blogging. Lots of blogging.

But in particular this update will focus on another platform, the beast that is Instagram. Don’t worry if you don’t use it as I will remain on WordPress when documenting my adventures, however I wanted to venture a little further outside of it this year and make the most of the social media platforms we have. Not everyone uses WP, such as my close family and friends (is that correct English, ‘not everyone uses WP?!) so blogging on these other channels will reach out to new audiences and will be more accessible to some of my nearest and dearest.


As I have mentioned a couple of times in recent posts, from now I will be putting where I visit in London to a vote on Instagram. I think this is a fun way to let those on Instagram engage with my blog (and I would love to see you over there!) and an exciting way to find out where to explore. In a way it may help keep me motivated to travel… I won’t be crippled with indecision so much if I put a couple of choices out there every week or so, I will see the result and know exactly where to go. To keep somewhat to a plan I will ensure the two options I choose are of a fairly similar nature or distance, helping me plan in advance what to pack, what to wear and what kind of shots I will be taking once I’m there.


My Insta story will look like this. A page giving you the option to click on your choice, and the results shown 24 hours later.


As you can see, Borough Market and Covent Garden are going to be my first choices. Admittedly I have been through both, but I have not had a real thorough look around either of these famous London markets. As they aren’t paid attractions I will be free to spend much more time there and ensure I get the best shots, especially as I will be using a new camera. I am really, really excited to be using a new camera!

I wanted to let you all know of this plan first, for being so good to me over the years and it would only be right. And I would love to know, what would your choice be in London?

Borough Market…


Or Covent Garden?


Let me know, and I hope to see some of you vote on Sunday when I put this vote live on Instagram!

Have a great weekend, I am out tonight to see Theo Von, a comedian I really like from Louisiana. He is performing at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire here in London and I had to grab a ticket. I will probably add some pictures to my Insta story and I may add a post or at least a picture here on my blog. Gang Gang!

Happy Friday,



Borough Market Photo by Javier Martinez on Unsplash

Covent Garden Photo by Alex Motoc on Unsplash



Have a great New Year!

Hello everyone, I have had a little break from WordPress in December but that will be coming to an end the moment 2020 hits. I have a plan, I have lots I want to see and do and I want to hang out with you all. I have missed you.

2019 has been fun. I spent the beginning of it overheating in a Brisbane summer…


Followed by a colder winter working in Melbourne.


Now, spending Christmas and New Year exploring London.


I am really excited for 2020, but in this post I want to thank you all for helping make the last 12 months so enjoyable. Blogging has helped me get through hard times and helped me find what I enjoy in life. Writing, photography and exploring the world. Your support and interest in my blog has motivated me more that I can put down in words and for that I will try my best to deliver interesting posts for as long as I can. Thank you all so, so much.

I will keep this short, as I am sure many of you have better plans this evening than to read this. I hope you all have a fantastic New Years Eve and a great start to 2020. Happy New Year to those that have already seen it hit midnight, and I am thinking of you all in Australia with those wild fires. We are seeing it on the news constantly and it looks awful. My thoughts are with you all in the country I have called home for the past two years.

Stay safe everyone, be the best person you can be in 2020 and don’t let the year go to waste!!

Thank you for being amazing!!

The great thing about London

Today was the first day I walked over London Bridge since it reopened. Maybe because I have done a dozen times already and I don’t actually need to. Just for photos. Maybe it was the uncomfortable feeling I still have inside me about this specific bridge following the recent stabbings. Probably a combination of both.


December has been pretty uneventful for me. London looks stunning at Christmas (I posted here about the Regent Street Christmas Lights), but a combination of flying back home and needing to buy gifts leaves all my exploring and discovering until 2020. That being said, I have been able to see some friends and enjoy the winter markets.


This is Ola, both heading for the mulled wine after a crazy shift. This was in a rotating bar in Winter Wonderland, a huge Christmas market I will link at the end of the post. It is great for all ages… families and grown ups with no kids. Rides for those that love a little dose of adrenaline often seen at your local fairground, cute little stalls selling everything you would want to find in your Christmas stocking.


And massive people…

With their flies down, apparently…

A whole Christmas dinner in a burger…


More huge people, this time a hillbilly enjoying a bit of VR. I dread to think what’s playing…


London is full of mini versions of this market too, all dotted around the city. Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, South bank and all the ones I haven’t found yet. I am not sure if they are all owned and organised by the same people but they look pretty similar. Not that I mind, there is only so much they can do to stand out. A cosy wooden hut selling mulled wine from a cauldron, what more would you want?


This is Marcio and Maiana, a beautiful couple I met in the UK a good few years ago. My then flatmate and still very good friend Paul had them stay over our place when they visited the UK, travelling Europe and taking some time to visit out small corner of England. Paul and Marcio met during an event in Disneyland Florida. After spending a very fun few days showing them Newcastle, Durham and our regions castles I was very grateful to be a guest at their wedding in 2016 (they even gave us a shout out during a speech!) in their home of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This time, we met in London.

And back to my post title. What I love so far about London is that it is such a popular destination for both Brits and international visitors, anyone that I have met on my global travels will probably visit this city if they come to the UK. It would be weird if they didn’t. Being as hectic and crazy as it is some people think it is too much, and this is something I hate about London. For those making a first visit to the UK this may be the only place visited, and if they don’t like it’s fast paced, car honking, crammed, occasionally rude and expensive nature, this is the perception of the UK they take back home. But the UK isn’t one city, even if it is by far our biggest. Whatever you don’t like about London, another British destination is begging for your attention.

But I am pleased we have London. For everyone that doesn’t like it there is a million that do, and it’s attraction is a very good reason as to why I have seen some people I probably wouldn’t have if I was living elsewhere.


Above is my friend Laura. We met when I started working at Sofitel in Melbourne, she recently moved to Sweden and waited in the UK as her visa was pending. She got it and off she went. I was also meant to meet my a colleague from Brisbane however unfortunately my shifts wouldn’t allow it. A couple of other friends are heading this way in the next month or so too which is great. I hope to see them.

As I have said in the past, what I love about smaller cities is that it is so easy to make arrangements to see friends. A reason why I loved Brisbane so much. Every possible meeting place is relatively close by and it isn’t unusual to bump into friends in the street. But these are people already living in the city. I never expected to meet so many friends from outside of London, in London in just a couple of months. I had a coffee chat with my previous manager from Newcastle last week as well, now working just a couple of Northern Line stops up from me near Old Street Underground Station. Bumping into people in the street is rare among the millions of tourists. But in this age of social media meeting up is easier, especially in one of the worlds most visited cities.

No matter where you are, take a moment to check social media. You never know who is around the corner!

Thank you for reading, and I hope your lead up to Christmas is more merry than manic. Let me know what you’re up to, and I will see you all in the comments!



Winter Wonderland- Hyde Park



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