I found a cave to shelter in

I am taking a good long walk around the Botanical Gardens today before work. Although it was cloudy this morning, it was warm. It was only when I entered the large, exposed gardens that the heavens decided to open on me.

Luckily I found shelter underneath some large rocks next to a jolly fisherman. The view was one I was happy to take in for a good few minutes.

Stormy weather is great. Of all the things we can change and manipulate in the 21st century, we still have to deal with storms. Not that I would change that anyway. We are making all kind of progress and technological advancement, yet rain can still stop play.

I feel it is like living in the ‘olden days’ and there is something romantic about that. We still have to make our way around nature, and there are constant reminders of that everywhere.

It is a great reminder for me that we aren’t perfect and that I shouldn’t just forgive my personal mistakes but expect them along the way.