The difference between a hobby and a job

I have been working on a watermelon farm, ten to twelve hours a day, 5 days a week. I am lucky however, the reason we had last weekend off was due to a big event in Ayr (the annual races) and this weekend off because the watermelons aren’t quite there yet. I start again tomorrow. I wanted to write today because I have a big chunk of free time. I have no excuse not to. I know I don’t have to, but if I want to become a full time blogger or writer, I need to write when I can. I need to now my diary is free and I am not ready to collapse in exhaustion.

I am getting regular notifications on my post The Waves of Motivation and the Reason I Can Blog Daily from readers, and this post in particular is one I need to reflect on the most. I have recently received the 246th like on this post and the 86th comment between myself and the great community I have here. The reason I have so much feedback on this post compared to others is obvious to me. For one, it is a post that you and I can read and take something from. It is self help for me, but my readers can also find value in it. But more than that, it is about how frequently I was blogging and engaging with the community here. It would not have anywhere close to this number if I had no one to read it. It is all about being motivated enough to write and get posts out there regularly. Something I haven’t done recently.

I have been working hard each day, but this is an excuse I have given myself to justify not blogging as frequently. People work much longer hours than me and make it work. In fact, a few hundred words daily isn’t even particularly difficult. Picking watermelons is much harder.

Blogging is currently a hobby for me. The sad thing about this is that more often than not, hobbies cannot be prioritised due to work. Work that we prefer to not be doing but pay the bills. Because we cannot be fired from our hobbies, we don’t often put in as much effort. How crazy is that? The things we want to do for a living, we often don’t give our all. 

I think this is tragic. For me, I constantly remind myself that once I’m no longer travelling Australia, I’ll have to make a choice. Do I go back to a job I don’t particularly want because I haven’t spent enough time working on the things I love doing,  or do I work hard now and hopefully open new doors in the near future? It should be a no brainier. 

And I wouldn’t even class this as work. As the saying goes, if you have a job you enjoy, you will never work a day in your life. And blogging isn’t work to me, even if I spend as much time here as I do in a job that pays. Maybe my hobby will free me from work in the future, and I hope yours will too.