What questions do you have?

I have finished my last day at work, I am looking to see where I am going next and my head is in a spin as a result. Because I have so much to consider, I really cannot focus on what to write about or what to upload at this moment. So I feel this would be a good time to offer a Q&A session for any of you that have any questions. I have in recent months been nominated for a lot of blogger awards from my readers which I greatly appreciate, I just don’t have the time to continue the chain of nominating people and answering the questions. So this can be my opportunity to answer the questions that I get asked and have been unable to answer.


These can be anything, from my travels to my ideologies and worldviews to my blogging habits. I think it would be nice to veer slightly form my day to day habit of uploading a daily photo and my thoughts at the time. If anyone has a question they would like to ask or like to know me a little better, feel free! As long as it isn’t one of those Have You Ever or Spin the Bottle style questions. They put me on edge.

And with this in mind, I will ask you a question.

If you could only travel for two weeks every year, would you rather live abroad and only visit your home country for two-week holidays every year, or stay living where you are currently and go on two- week holidays abroad every year? I guess immediate family could travel with you in this question.

Let me know and if you have any questions, give them to me! 🙂


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29 thoughts on “What questions do you have?”

  1. If one day I had to live abroad, probably I would go on holiday to my country but I would also visit some other destinations…It depends where I will be or I will live, for what reason and with whom. If I had to stay in my country, I would travel the same. Anyway, If I can afford it, I would travel with my family.

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    1. I guess it is a question that could have many answers depending on many variables 🙂 I like living abroad as it helps me to appreciate my home country more 🙂

      Thanks for your answer!


    1. Sounds good. I think over time my opinion may change, however I am liking the being abroad experience, it is also helping me appreciate what is good back home 🙂

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  2. I would live where I am (our home will be paid off in about a year) and use the 2 weeks to travel.

    I only began following your blog a few months ago so I haven’t had time to go back through your older posts to figure this out, but where all have you lived and do you have a job that is easy to obtain no matter where you live or do you do a new job each place you live?

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  3. Hi Sam, I know what you mean about head being in a spin due to changes. I have two suggestions, one don’t try and do all the award posts just do one of each or just one, and pick the questions you want to answer. Customise and downsize the challenge! Two, write more personally about what is going on and maybe let the blog go off piste for a bit. Use writing to support you during this time but without pressurising yourself overly. Maybe let yourself off posting every day until you feel more settled. Good luck with what is next on your adventure! All the best, Rachel xxxx

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    1. Lovely advice, thanks so much Rachel for taking the time to add this, I may have to take this advice on board. I agree that writing about my personal experiences as they are happening might help me keep to the schedule. Thanks again for reading!

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  4. Good luck with your adventures. As for your question, we already made that choice and moved to Mexico, where the cost of living is lower and the lifestyle is more relaxed. We love to travel, and I suspect we will visit the US occasionally, but also spend time traveling to more Latin American countries.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Sadly in the UK we often hear about the troubles in Mexico currently. How is it for you, does any of this affect your day to day life, or is what we hear exaggerated? I would love to visit, and have loved my experiences in Latin America from the places I have visited.


  5. How do you make each new place feel more like home when you move?
    For me I would rather live abroad and visit home for two weeks. I have an adventurous family and haven’t lived in one place for more than a year since graduating college.

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  6. I’ve been living abroad for past 8 years in a country with 7,000+ islands in the archipelago and visit home/family every year for about 6 weeks. Lately, I am traveling to other countries nearby to take advantage of prices and travel time, but I’ll have to rent a house with a pool in order to get my family to come see me.

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  7. If i lived in another country and got 2 weeks hol per year i wouldn’t go back to where i used to live id go to another country completely, even if i had family there i’d rather get out and explore the world.
    How many countries have you visited? Is there anywhere you went for a holiday and just ended up staying?

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  8. If money was no object, I would rather live abroad and travel home for 2 weeks to visit, I think. Although you’ve made me realize how much the community I’ve built here – especially in regards to my writing – means to me. It might be a harder decision than I think if it was actually presented. As it is, I don’t even get to travel for two weeks. The last vacation I had that was that long was a trip to Jamaica in 1997. Other than that my only plane trips have been to San Francisco for my wedding two years after and then my trip to Kona, Hawaii 2 years ago, which was for three days. So I can’t truly imagine traveling extensively, though it’s my last major dream that hasn’t been fulfilled yet.
    My question for you is why did you decide to travel, and how did you find the means?

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    1. I would certainly have to give it thought like you have before making such a decision. Thanks for the comment and the question, I have responded to this in my most recent post. One thing I didn’t mention was that I am also single with no children, and this makes it a lot easier. I will have to add this into the post!

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  9. I would definitely travel back home for two weeks. I think traveling abroad and going away from home has taught me, strangely, more about home that I learned from being home. Because of that and of course, the wonderful destinations on this planet, I would travel home for two weeks.

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    1. I like your style 🙂 I simply appreciated home more when I was away for the first time, so that was nice to get from it. I always look forward to going home, seeing what has changed and what hasn’t!

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