If you had to pick three…


…what would they be?

Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Artist: @annnacat on Instagram

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Dealing with Disorder

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28 thoughts on “If you had to pick three…”

  1. Man, I kinda wish I could think about this question, in the last few months, my upper year seniors have basically conditioned me to hear: “Social life, sleep, GPA: pick two.” XD
    But yeah, the smell of rain (I’m already missing home for this one reason), sunsets and if not falling in love, how’s falling asleep sound?

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    1. Social life, sleep, GPA… a dilemma right there! Although I have been very lazy in periods of my life, I am trying not to promote too much sleep lately haha… Sleep is the cousin of death and I would recommend a GPA and social life more whilst you can 😉

      Go get ’em!!


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