Good morning from Cairns!

I was here pretty much a year ago with friends, and coming back to this city has reminded me of some very fun memories. Last time was different however, we were four friends staying in Gilligans Hostel so it was mainly sunbathing and alcohol consumption. And an incredible Great Barrier Reef trip, even if I was a little hungover. One of the best experiences in Australia so far.

We are at the Pullman this time, a five star hotel and a million miles away from hostel living. Yesterday I spent a lot of time just watching the weather change from glorious sunshine to tropical storms.

From this…

The skies turned into this…

And then the mountains and oceans dissapeared…

And a couple hours later it started to clear up, just in time for the cruise leaving the dock at sunset.

This was yesterday, and thankfully the weather is holding up and it’s looking pretty nice for our trip to Green Island in an hour. We are just doing a quick half day trip at the reef today but hopefully that’s enough to get some decent shots and see a few creatures. 

I’ll see you all when I’m back!

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10 thoughts on “Good morning from Cairns!”

    1. They are loving it Pat, as am I! Our last full day in Cairns is today, and tomorrow we are going to Brisbane for a week before they head back to the UK. It will be sad watching them leave for sure, but we are having a great holiday.

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    1. Nice! I would love to tour in a band 🙂 We are leaving tomorrow sadly however if I am back in Cairns I will consider your recommendations for sure. Thank you!


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