Scheduling posts

I rarely schedule posts here. Unless I know I won’t have access to my blog for a little while, I would prefer to post when I feel like it. This would be a great tool for when I am working and would prevent the issues mentioned here, I just struggle for the motivation.

I fantasize about this a lot. Picture the scene. It’s a lovely Sunday evening and I have seven posts all lined up ready for the week ahead. I can go to work and actually get other responsibilities done at a decent time now that I have the posts up and ready to go. I mean I could do this, I have about 25 drafts in there doing nothing so far. But I don’t like to just type away for hours. It makes blogging repetitive and boring.

And whilst I was wallowing in self-pity regarding my lack of motivation I thought to myself why change? If what I am doing is still enjoyable and I am motivated enough to write every day, why not just do it daily? Sometimes if something works we should stick to it. Change is not always enjoyed despite often being needed, but sometimes unnecessary changes need not be made if we are already going in the right direction. Sometimes routine and tradition is enough to keep us on track.

Also, have you noticed that this bridge that I walked under is actually two bridges right next to one another? That’s cool.




Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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26 thoughts on “Scheduling posts”

  1. Scheduling posts does help you get on with your life and removes the worry that people are going to forget about your blog if you don’t post on a regular basis. I can see the argument against it in that there no longer fresh but if you go back and edit them between scheduling and posting that should sort that out.

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    1. I agree with what you said here, it does take a load of weight off if you have a lot to blog about but little time to do so. If I feel time is more of an issue I will probably start to consider it!

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    1. That’s a good setup, and I have considered only posting on certain days and scheduling them, however I just didn’t go ahead with it. But it is a great idea and something I should consider for sure.

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  2. so great post as usual but I literally woke up today at 4am wondering about other bloggers and how they do it…and just wrote a post about it 😂 clearly we were thinking the same thing. I do schedule posts but I also write in between schedules posts when I have time! Sometimes I even delete scheduled posts or push them back. I try to keep up with my blog daily with comments and reading other blogs, but I am also still a small blogger.

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    1. Haha this was good timing then! Scheduling them certainly gives more freedom and time to prepare new posts, whether these are uploaded live or in the future. Plus it gives a lot more time to check out other blogs. I envy your motivation to schedule!

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  3. I usually like to schedule my posts (easier for me that way), but if something happens to me one day, I’ll usually write about it that afternoon/evening, and then post it the next day.
    I guess ultimately it all boils down to personal preference.

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    1. It really does. It works for some and not others, however it seems like a lot of bloggers enjoy scheduling. It also depends on the post whether it is better to post at the time or save for later.


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  4. I schedule my posts. When I started my blog in December I was writing as things popped into my head, too frequently. Now I schedule in advance so I don’t over-saturate my blog and give people time to read what I’ve written. Plus inspiration comes in waves.

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  5. I write for hours when I’m bitten by the writing bug. Unless I’m going out of town, I don’t usually schedule out more than maybe two or three. In my drafts, I have posts that are ready to go and posts that aren’t. I put ** at the end of the title of posts that aren’t post-able yet so it’s easy to track.

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    1. I like that, good and simple way to track ones that aren’t ready. Writing for hours is something I can very rarely do, I have to stop for a bit and move onto something else to stay motivated. Jealous of your ability to!


  6. I’m very new to blogging (happy 2 month blogiversary to me!) and I usually have 3-5 drafts that I’m working on during my lunch break or in my spare time. At first, I found it really easy find time to write but lately I’ve been struggling with creating timely content. I try to have at least one post a week (preferably 2-3) but if I know I’m going to have a crazy week at work or be traveling I’ll schedule one so at least I have a bit of new content.

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    1. A very sensible approach to have in order to have consistent content published. I need to do what you’re doing, predict busy weeks and schedule beforehand to ensure my blog doesn’t suffer as a result.

      Happy blogversary and thank you for the insight!


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