Meet and Greet page: Introduce yourself here!

Welcome to my meet and greet page, inspired by some of the first bloggers I followed. I love that my followers are eager to put their blog posts out there and read posts shared by others, for this reason I have introduced this page and I will keep returning to it regularly. I feel my community is now large enough to provide a page for you to promote your blog and get to know other bloggers a little better.

So with this, feel free to introduce yourself here. Who are you and where are you from? I love the diversity here with such an international blogging audience. Feel free to link your blog for others to read.

New to this page? Welcome!

Already posted here in the past? Feel free to stop by and say hello anytime.

It is going to be hard if not impossible to keep up with comments on here whilst I publish posts around it, however I am constantly on the page looking at all the contributions and I will re-post this regularly to give a better opportunity for posts to be seen.

Hopefully you find a new cool blog to follow and someone feels the same way about yours!

Happy blogging 🙂



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Dealing with Disorder

A website dedicated to Tourette, OCD and co-occurring conditions. Daily updates celebrating neurodiversity.

591 thoughts on “Meet and Greet page: Introduce yourself here!”

  1. Wooowwwwwwwwwww…….!!!!!!

    It’s a pretty long list of comments that I finally could manage to find the reply box down here!

    It took me literally 30 minutes 30 seconds…(please forgive, if I’m a bit slow reader) to go through all the wonderful comments by the beautiful bloggers whom I think the best people living on the Earth!

    Hello, everyone! I am Arkaprabha, a freelance writer and the proud Founder of The Strong Traveller blog!

    Like many of you here, I too had a dream to document the beauties all around the world from my childhood. I used to make paper boats on rainy days and played with it in the small streams just beside the door of our little home.

    Gradually, I grew up! Finished high school, college then university. The dream of travelling around the world seemed a distant possibility. But like every one of you…

    I too had a dream!

    And I aspire to see every nook and corner of this beautiful world. So I created a platform to connect with like-minded individuals whose hearts are not made to involve into regular mundane activities, whose hearts look for achieving greater heights (more than the Himalayas!) and who are never satisfied with their settled life.

    And I am proud that I took the right decision to make each and everyone to realise there are infinite possibilities out there. The world is too big to stay inside the four walls until the last breath.

    I still live in my little home. But my heart is large enough to welcome you all!

    Our community is pretty small compared to most of you. But we are humble enough to respect each and everyone who pays a visit to us!

    We, at The Strong Traveller, create contents related to ‘Travel, Food and Lifestyle’. We always look for interested individuals to work with, to learn and grow by supporting each other.

    Last but not least, I would like to thank ‘One Chance to See the World’ blog for coming up with this beautiful opportunity and all the people who have read my comment patiently.

    Looking forward to interacting with all of you!

    Love you all the wonderful bloggers here. Stay well!


    Arkaprabha Das
    Founder, The Strong Traveller.


  2. Hi Sam!!! I really appreciate your perspective on dealing during this pandemic. I too used the phrase “I feel caged”. Having limited interaction has taken me to some low places in the past 8 weeks or so. I realized in that time, just how social I am. I can appreciate your transparency as a writer. Without it, who knows where I would’ve been mentally.

    Stay safe!



    1. Hey Brie! I am sorry to hear the pandemic has been having an negative effect, however pleased to see you are active in blogging and hopefully this is providing an escape. It is for me!

      Thank you so much for the kind words, and I hope you are having a great week. Stay safe and we will get through this!


  3. Hi. What a nice idea with this page. I am Maciej from Warsaw (Poland). I have been running my Polish blog for 11 years now and English for 2. Few days ago I said goodbye to WordPress and started my new websites (www’s are in my gravatars). Blogging is fun. I like people in general. Oh, and I smile all the time. Always looking on the bright side of life.


  4. Greetings! Great initiative. I am Ashwini from India. I have been blogging for the last 4 years. Blogging for me is a place to vent out my feelings and experiences. During this lockdown, if anything has fueled me is blogging. Last month, I started another educational platform on the Earth Sciences. So, anyone can visit the site and know the wonders of our planet, how it was formed, and what all is happening while we locked inside our houses?

    My personal blog site is:
    Earth Science site is

    Hope! you will enjoy your visit.
    And, yes, take care everyone. Stay safe.


  5. Hi Sam! I agree, it’s important to stay optimistic and I worked up a list of things that I’ve been doing to keep preoccupied and happy 🙂 I admit I may have enjoyed some parts of being isolated more than I expected but perhaps finding ways to regain my faith in humanity will help when I put myself back out there again. Thank you for sharing. I’m all the way in Brooklyn and your experience resonated. It’s comforting.


  6. I appreciate your initiative to bring the bloggers together. In my opinion, we rise by raising others. And I think it is a responsibility of the senior blogger to help the ones who are new in this platform. Although I am a small blogger, I have similar planning of promoting new bloggers when I get big myself.

    I write blogs mostly on Football, Photography, Travelling and WordPress tips. Here is the link to my blog –


  7. Hello, my name is Michelle. My blog offers a variety of things. You will find recipes, poems, quotes, animals, pets, words, stories, and music, just to name a few. Ha ha
    Please check me out!


  8. Hi Sam, I appreciate your effort for providing this page to connect bloggers. My name is Nikhar from Dubai. I have started blogging recently since the lockdown started and planning to continue it due to my passion for writing. My Blog has Travel and Lifestyle page which you can be found clicking on this link.


  9. Love these posts…I am now hooked! I am a great proponent of Dr Johnson (When you are tired of London, you are tired of Life etc.) There is always so much to see and do ..and it can be at no cost. I work in the airline industry and have seen much of the world , but London is still my favourite city. My own blog is not on travel, just a weekly 2 minute read on the lighter side of life. If you have 2 minutes so are a week.. please do subscribe


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