Is it still Sunday?!

Sundays are a great day to work. I know how silly this sounds to people that get the weekend off however I prefer working the weekend. It’s much more peaceful.

Weekends are quiet working in a residential building. We don’t have to oversee hundreds of parcels arriving, we don’t have to constantly sign contractors in and out doing whatever work needs to be done on site. And despite most residents being off work there is little footfall in and around the lobby. The quiet time is such a contrast and it’s great. Security is still present because of the increase in drunks etc outside of the building, but if anything this makes the slower days more pleasant. We can actually have conversation and the team I work with are great.

You can finally hear the lobby music playing and is a relaxing end to the week. With the virus going round the less people the better right now. Some residents are debating whether or not to return to their home countries during all of this, and some already have. Three girls left yesterday with suitcases and I’m not exaggerating when I say they were wearing protective gear from head to toe. It looked like they were about to examine a murder scene but they were just getting a taxi to the airport, the driver in his own mask didn’t really seem too phased. They took some selfies with one friend they left behind, laughing and throwing peace signs up so it was all in good spirits.

This was yesterday. I am typing this just before 11pm on Monday British time, so I know it seems a little late as the weekend is well and truly over. But today was a weird day. It seemed like a Sunday after midday as the streets were quiet and our building started to close down some of the facilities late afternoon. The swimming pool, spa and steam room have been closed to our residents in all of this, our other facilities still open. For now. It seems like just a matter of time before more is closed, not just here but everywhere. 

This morning felt more like a Monday though, as I was walking towards the roundabout people were up and about, workers working and business as usual. I saw this team installing flowers into the Alchemist’s wall, a bar not too far from me and the green exterior really is great to see in Old Street. That blue sky was welcomed too.


At work, a business owner came in as he was using our car park. He was pretty worried about his business (not the one above), now closed on weekends as sales are half of what they were before the virus. Staff have been laid off too. It is pretty crazy to think of all the things a business has to consider to survive, a virus! Not the first threat whatsoever. But it is here and now he is having to deal with it with his team. 

Store shelves are emptying, our PM despite not calling for a full lockdown has asked Britons to refrain from mass gatherings, non-essential travel and a lack of physical contact with others. Avoid bars and restaurants, however kids still need to go to school. Many have brought up the fact that a school pretty much is a mass gathering, I am hoping there is some logic as to why classes are still on. Kids can’t be trusted to stay indoors if school is out? I am not sure.

I stocked up myself today to get me through the next couple weeks, I am pretty annoyed as I have just signed up for a gym that I doubt I will be using for the foreseeable future at least. I finally found the motivation and the universe has found a way for me to avoid it further. Perfect.

I really, really want to take some shots of London whilst it is quiet though. Have you seen the movie 28 Days Later? Maybe it won’t go this far buuuuut seeing a crowded city slowly become more deserted would be fascinating. It would be fascinating to document too, as who knows how long it will be before something makes us all go into a lockdown again. This isn’t just one city or wider state during a storm or something. It is global. As much as it is a burden there is something fascinating about that.

It is now after midnight, my eyes are closing. I would say it was a long 13 hour shift today, however time went by so fast. But it was incredibly tiring. I will stop there though as I realise those that really are working hard through this are the health workers. It isn’t an easy job at all. My thoughts go out to them, as well as those being treated and those that have sadly lost their lives. 

The mood has really changed here in the UK, as I’m sure it has in so many other countries. People are beginning to admit defeat and self isolate, grabbing what they can to get them through. I plan to have a load of soup in the next couple weeks. Something I was brought up on and appreciate much more as an adult. 

If you currently are in lockdown or believe it is around the corner, what is the one food you couldn’t be without? I would love to know.

See you in the comments hopefully, and stay safe!




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24 thoughts on “Is it still Sunday?!”

  1. First, I do go to the gym. The ATF (24×7) is 5 min walk (not drive :)) from my house. I always worked out t=in the wee hours of the morning, and now only two or three people are coming at the same time, so I can pretty much use all equipment I want and not to navigate between others. That being said, when there is a will, there is a way:). Just saying 🙂

    Second – I cook and eat all my usual food, and the stores are not running out of it. All the fresh fruit and vegetables are still available. For some reason, most of the red meat was gone by the time I stopped by the local grocery store today, but I rarely buy it anyway. There were still plenty of fish and other seafood, including items on sale. I love making soup, and when I make it, I give away a lot, mostly to my neighbors and to my mom. And I also bake. A lot. Because it’s easy, it tastes better than the stuff in the store, and also it is a great distressing activity.

    It will be all good 🙂

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    1. Certainly a perk to have the gym quieten down so much! But yes I agree, if the desire is there we can work out anywhere (I am trying to feed off your motivation haha).

      Glad the stores aren’t running out for you, you’re making it sound like it isn’t the apocalypse we have been made to think it is :p thanks for the optimism, I need it!

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      1. We have an order for all gyms to close, I will check tomorrow, whether this one will be still operating. We have instructions to disinfect each machine after a workout from top to bottom. If they will close, I will have to switch to my home gym entirely. And to walking.

        I am a great motivator :). Since I’ve experienced an actual food shortage in winter 1991/92, back in Russia, I know how it looks like, and know that we are far from that. But I am not going to lie – I do not take well being in isolation. It’s way worse than being hungry. Trust me – I had both 🙂

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      2. Wow, I am sure that story from Russia is a fascinating and moving one. And I can imagine it has helped you become the person you are today and helped build you to tackle any similar events that come your/our way. I hope blogging acts as an escape for you if we do have to isolate for some time!

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      3. The gym closed last night… and so many other things. You know what else is different? Back in 1991/92 the economy was already ruined and we experienced hunger because of that, and we knew it can hardly become worse. These days, I worry more about the overall economy, than about my personal safety and even more than about my personal retirement account :).

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      4. I worry about the overall economy as if a big population is affected it will eventually affect us personally anyways! Unrest of millions or even billions freaks me out a little bit…But so far there is no hunger during this (for the majority of us) and I wouldn’t want that on anyone, it must have been a hard time for you.

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    1. Haha, no longer can we look outside and tell if it’s a weekday or weekend. Mind you if it is a Monday and we no longer know… maybe that is a good thing! :p


  2. I work in retail, for a well-know DIY store – Sunday is our busiest day, and this last Sunday didn’t seem any different from normal. If anything it was busier. I suspect people were getting out while they still could, and as we sell a range of cleaning products there was a bit of panic buying going on.
    My gym is going to start giving out home work-out advice, which will be great as I haven’t been for a week. I haven’t exactly stopped going – I just haven’t exactly been.
    My go-to food would be potatoes – much more nutritious than pasta, and you can do so much more with them. I buy the wonky ones from Aldi (£1 for a decent sized bag), so they come in all shapes and sizes. I use the big ones for jacket potatoes, and the smaller ones can be boiled, or mashed, or sliced and drizzled with oil and cooked in the oven, or used as pie topping, or sauteed, or…

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    1. I understand, if things aren’t so bad now people are probably trying to make the most of it whilst they can. Especially cleaning products!

      Love potatoes. I never really bothered as a kid (apart from mash obviously) but there is so much you can do with them. They can be eaten everyday in so many ways, truly great. Sounds like you are sorted, and you are making me very hungry haha.

      Bon Appétit!


  3. We’re in lock-down in France but can still food shop. However, I’m looking on this as an opportunity to try new recipes and empty my store cupboards. I cannot however manage without fresh vegetables which are fortunately plentiful.

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    1. Great idea! This is a great time to be creative and do something a little different to avoid a routine that can get boring quickly in lockdown! I hope you try something you love 🙂

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  4. We’re in serious lockdown in Washington state. Gatherings over 50 people are prohibited. Schools, gyms, recreational facilities, bars, restaurants are all required to be closed other than for drive-thru or take out food. It’s like turning back the clock on visible population. Roads are nearly empty, even midday…other than the trucks which seem to be delivering goods as fast as they can.
    I am still going to work since I work in an office building with one other person and we have separate areas. Fortunately most of our clients call or email us anyway. Though I’ve noticed that too is unusually quiet. A lot of people are occupied with their kids at home all day.
    I had a tough time finding the groceries I wanted and some I kind of needed since my community cleaned out the shelves before I got there. Paper products, cleaning supplies, bread, butter, meat, beans, rice, tortillas, canned goods including soups were nearly or totally gone.
    I was planning a post on this, but didn’t get around to it. I realized I was depressed about the situation and somewhat tired of hearing, reading and talking about it. I’ll do a post on all of those reactions and further developments soon. Feeling a bit more up today. People are really clinging to any kind of electronic encouragement. I’ve never gotten so many thank you’s in return for e-cards as for the St. Patrick’s Day cards I sent out today. It was fun to hear back from so many people with e-smiles. Especially cheery since I’d forgotten I’d scheduled to send them out, since that was about 10 days ago before things got feeling so dire.
    Take care out there everyone! And I’m so glad to ‘hear’ your voices in the blogosphere. As much as it gets dreary to hear the news, imagine how terrifying and discouraging pandemics were before these amazing e-tools for communication about it and for allowing people to stay connected.

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    1. So pleased to read you are feeling a little more cheery, and I am sure those that received the e-cards were delighted, as you say people will be clinging onto good news and happiness where they can get it. It is also a lovely gesture to send them out.

      Let me know when you have the post up! And take care yourself too. I couldn’t agree with you more that having this method of communication helps so much in times like these.

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      1. Just took a read, lovely post and love the featured photo! And don’t worry about it at all, I am pleased you enjoyed talking about it and that is why we blog 🙂

        Inspiring post, thank you 🙂

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  5. I haven’t seen a longer, sleepier Sunday in a while… uni’s shut down until autumn, but classes are still continuing online, which is a weird paradox: it feels like reading week/winter break, but there’s still a well-started year to finish! Still, it’s strange to see a university town so empty. We really are taking our precautions! Stay safe, Sam!

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    1. I bet that is strange, and it would be hard for me because I find it hard to concentrate at home, my body and mind goes into rest mode!

      I hope everything returns to normal for you very soon. Stay safe too! And cheers Matt for the kind words.

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