A 91 hour, 1,820km bike ride

I found this guy eating Dominoes in Ayr (as some of you are aware is a small town south of Townsville where I completed my farmwork) stopping for a break from what seems like one hell of a long journey.

In flip flops. On a bicycle.


I have just googled how long this journey is for the first time since I took the picture. And it turns out to be…


This guy has some motivation. I really wish I went over to ask him what his reasons were for doing it, whether he is just travelling down or doing it for charity. He may even still be on this journey, depending on how many stops he has taken. 91 hours on bike, and a little short of 2,000 kilometers. That is pretty impressive.

I used to love bike rides. It was my favourite memory from childhood. The freedom then and even now, avoiding traffic and being able to go off the beaten track. It never gets boring for me, although sadly in adulthood I haven’t kept up the hobby. I haven’t done anything like this however, and I am not sure if I could. It is a huge commitment and would take a lot of physical and mental strength.

Have you ever taken a journey like this? I can only imagine the feeling of accomplishment at the end. He is an inspiration to us all! I hope it went well and if he is still pedaling, I wish him all the best on the journey.


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