Travel Diary: The legendary Tony Hawk is in Sydney and I went looking for him

Thanks to a father and son telling me of their weekend plans yesterday, I learned that Bowlarama is a skate comp that takes place in Bondi this weekend. So, I set my alarm for 7.45am and headed down to Bondi Beach.

The great thing about commuting into the CBD on the weekend is that I am the only one doing so.

That changed when I got on the bus to Bondi. This beach is one of the most popular in Sydney (and Australia), take into account the beautiful weather and it being a Saturday and the commute was evidence of this more than ever.

The view from the bus stop at Circular Quay

One thing I’ve discovered recently is that 7 Eleven do $1 coffee, which is great for a morning pick me up but terrible when you cannot resist the $2 muffin next to it. Blueberry is my weakness and I am sure gravity will be before long. Regardless it fueled me for the morning and early afternoon that was spent at the beach. Another early morning at the beach and more confirmation that morning beach walks are great for me, I feel like may day doubles in length when it is spent being active before 9am.

I had no idea what to expect when I got to Bondi, other than a cost for the ticket to get into the actual competition that was fortified with scaffolding and seating sections. I wasn’t going to spend too much time there as I had work, I also didn’t know when the skaters I wanted to see would be in action. I was happy to chill on the grass areas outside of the park watching on the big screen overlooking the packed beach. There aren’t many better places to host such an event.

It was then that I noticed outside an Independent stand that Tony Hawk was doing a signing. It was at 10am, I was there reading this at around 10.25.

At first, I thought that I had missed the chance to see the skateboarding legend in person. Then I realised the huge line leading up to the stall next to me was for a photograph with the man himself. He was right above me! I was considering buying a blank deck or t-shirt being sold there and waiting in line for a signature, sadly security prevented anyone else joining the queue for the day.

That’s him!

So, my last minute trip was a success in the sense that I met a person that was a pretty big influence on me and many other kids growing up. It is a shame I couldn’t get a picture with him, but I am grateful that I found out he was there at all. It makes me wonder how many of these opportunities are missed every now and then because I did not know about something, and gives me more and more reason to make conversation with people I encounter daily.

So, enjoy the shots of the day. I am heading to Cairns for a week as I have mentioned recently with some more posts planned for the Travel Diary. I will update you all soon!

Have a great weekend.