Impulse buying 

I’ve just purchased a one way flight to Sydney. It cost me £350 which is half the price of the dates around it, leaving London on September 1st. I have no idea what the above image is. It is in my camera roll and probably from a drunk whatsapp conversation. It looks good, what can I say. I also feel it goes well with the title of this post.

One great benefit of spending time in a hotel with a good amount of time to yourself is the ability to think with little or no intervention from others. I thought about what I wanted to do and I will make it happen. I have no images to capture so far without giving away my precious bank details or itinerary. Follow my blog long enough for September to arrive and I am sure I will have the relevant images to keep the travel blog enthusiast content.

So, Australia here I come. My reasons for venturing to this nation is the location. I haven’t visited this continent before. Will it live up to previous travels around Europe? North and South America? Asia? I’m sure it will. Every nation has its great aspects, and those aspects are what we chase when we are there.

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