Update: The artist behind the blue dragon!

Just a quick thank you to Gretchen over at Thoughts Become Words for letting me know who the artist is that added this dragon to a tree, close to the Goodwill Bridge over the Brisbane River.


She very kindly notified me in a comment and provided a link to some information over here at BrisbaneTimes.com on the artist and various pieces they have over the city of Brisbane. I have just added them on Instagram and linked to their account below.


It has been there for a while, two and a half years! However due to weathering and time this is a more recent version and has been designed to last a lot longer.

Thank you Gretchen for the information, very cool! This is why I love to blog, to share the things I find and speak to people both locally and internationally that may know more. I thought it wouldbe hard to find some info about a piece so small and hidden however delighted that this was the case.

Happy hunting!

Insta: @blu.artxinja



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15 thoughts on “Update: The artist behind the blue dragon!”

  1. Thank you so much for the picture.
    Semester2-2020, the branch broke and the dragon was relocated to nearby tree 40m away, turn right from old location and you will find it above the path


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