My Australian Journey #20: Leaving Sydney, a glimpse of my future home and a first look at Cairns

February 18th, 2018

Travelling to Cairns for a week was strange. It was strange in the sense that I needed a holiday- a holiday from my working holiday. Working holidays are ideal for those that want to stay in a destination longer than the traditional couple of weeks, but as with any full time job, an escape is needed once in a while.

So despite being 10,000 miles from home, I flew up to Cairns to meet a few friends for a little escape from my new norm. All British, two of them live in Sydney and one flew from the UK to meet us for a holiday of her own.


I remember the airport staff told me off for this shot. Apparently you can’t just stop walking and embrace the sunrise once on the tarmac. I guess we need strict rules in these current times. I also mentioned on my Instagram that this was a sunset… I have just realised it was a sunrise as my next shot- landing in Brisbane for a connecting flight- was in broad daylight. It was great to see Queensland’s capital out of my window.


At the time I wasn’t even sure if this was the CBD or a surrounding suburb, but looking back I recognize everything in the shot. The buildings, the Botanic Gardens, the bridges and Eagle Street Pier. I adored my time in Brisbane and it will remain one of my favourite memories of Australia. It is a shame that the Working Holiday Visa limits working in one building to six months, but if anything this forces me to keep moving. You will see plenty of shots from the places seen out of my window in upcoming posts, as I make my way from Cairns and down the east coast to Brisbane.


What I loved about Cairns is how tropical it looked. The weather was perfect, I could actually see jellyfish just by looking down into the water… it was exactly how I expected Australia to be.


One of the highlights of this trip (and Australia in general) was of course doing the Great Barrier Reef. An amazing experience, despite 90% of us either being hungover or a little seasick in the midday sun.


What helped was a beer and jumping into the ocean. Miracle cure! We all had an amazing time, although on this specific trip I did not get many shots. I did however get more reef shots in my Whitsundays trip a little further down, and when I came back here with my mum and sister only a few months ago. So I will ensure you see plenty of the reef on my blog very soon.


I am pleased to be able to show you a lot more pictures from the rest of my travels, I have some great ones I promise. And I know I haven’t added too many here, but I have a lot more to come from my second trip. I was a little more prepared then. I have however added most of the shots that I have from this trip in my original post linked here. So please feel free to take a look. You can also see drunk me lying on the floor. Just saying.

Have you ever been to Cairns? Let me know what you think and I will leave you with this epic storm we captured one evening.


Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow!



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14 thoughts on “My Australian Journey #20: Leaving Sydney, a glimpse of my future home and a first look at Cairns”

  1. A couple of artistic photos Sam, great images. What they don’t tell tourists in Cairns is about the Crocs that float around along the shore, the Cassowaries that can rip you open on the jogging tracks in the hills, the Taipans that lie in the undergrowth and the variety of nasty, stinging, biting things that float around in the ocean. You were lucky that was a little storm. In the wet season Cyclones hammer Cairns. The last time I was there they had 1.5 metres of rain the week before. Rumour has it the hospital is pretty good at saving most tourists and the occasional local that fall foul of the fauna, except the Taipan bites.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have just had to google these Cassowaries that you speak of, they don’t sound pleasant at all! I am glad I haven’t had an encounter with one.

      I am glad I had great weather on this trip (and the second one despite a little rain), and that these attacks are pretty rare. Stick to the beaten path is sound advice I will tell anyone!


    1. I was a little fortunate, as I found a hotel that wanted to hire someone pretty quickly and as I have had years of experience with their system, I think they were happy to get someone in that didn’t need training. The right place at the right time and since then I have managed to transfer to sister properties when moving cities.

      So for me yes, but for a lot of people, not so much.

      I guess it depends on the industry, experience and a stroke of luck. I am sure you will do fine, just get out there and look and remain optimistic and something will come along! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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