I was so close!

Yesterday, this happened. 

Dominic Howard, the drummer from Muse and one of my heroes, walked by my workplace and took an Instagram shot at the Opera House with his mum. I wasn’t at work at the time but I was right around the corner (blogging, actually at The State Library of New South Wales as my wifi is down at home). I took a couple of shots in fact as it is a pretty impressive building, the oldest library in Australia.

Then, today on Instagram, Tom Kirk posted a timelapse on the harbour. Tom is a childhood friend of the band and does a lot of work with them on the road. This is just a screenshot of that time lapse. 

It’s weird to think my biggest inspirations were walking the same streets as I have been recently. Of course, I had a little wander before work to see if the other two members of the band were snapping selfies, all to no avail.

There must have been a graduation on, I have never seen so much pink. Lots of people, a lot less Muse. 

Oh well, this time Saturday I will see them for the 5th time, I am even more excited now I know they are on Australian soil.

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25 thoughts on “I was so close!”

    1. I know they certainly seem it, oh well, I am just pleased to see them live again. It’s nice to meet another fan! Stick around and I will update you with the Sydney show 🙂

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