Travel Diaries: This is the largest sand island in the world

This is Fraser Island. A World Heritage site and so large that it contains rainforests, over 100 freshwater lakes and its own registered highway on a beach 75 miles long. Oh, and a pretty cool shipwreck.


Because there are a good few things to do on this island, I have split this post into parts. This post shows you Lake Wabby, reachable after a long uphill walk through forests. The walk is a good one however, the incline only gradual over a distance.IMG_7784IMG_7785IMG_7786IMG_7788

The walk to the lake itself is a fairly long one too, especially over sand. It is reachable with a walk (or fall) down a very steep dune, which can be pretty tiring when trying to get back up.


Have you ever visited this island? Hopefully my upcoming posts from here will convince you to!!

There is plenty to be found here with a little exploration…

Stay tuned.


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29 thoughts on “Travel Diaries: This is the largest sand island in the world”

    1. It’s exactly what it is like in the pictures! Because it is an island and you either need a coach or a 4×4, it isn’t busy at all. According to Wikipedia the population is 194. There are a few campsites and one resort but that’s it ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. It must be one of the longest! It depends what you are looking for really, if you’re looking for palm trees this isn’t the place, but if you like to stumble upon a shipwreck then it definitely is ๐Ÿ™‚

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