Seven years has gone so fast…

I received an unexpected reminder when I opened Facebook today. With it being harder and harder to keep track of the days I didn’t realise it was the 11th, which would be my dad’s 67th birthday. I don’t really use FB anymore, it’s mainly to keep in touch with my family and right now in isolation I need it more than ever. The ‘memories’ feature on the site showed me a picture of my dad I uploaded on this day in 2014, a year after he died.

I find it strange how grieving works. For me at least. Even though I saw the photo I felt okay, not too emotional. Mainly happy. Happy because I got to see my dad when I least expected it, and he was smiling in a great mood. The image was a very old one, taken way before I was born. He had long hair and a beard, he was a rocker after all.

I also find it strange how dreams work. I still have dreams about my father, the hardest were shortly afterwards when I would have a dream he was still with us. I remember the worst part of my day shortly after his passing was on an evening just before sleep. I didn’t want that momentary pause- even if it was for milliseconds- when I would wake up and suddenly remember he wasn’t with us and that emotion hit me hard again. But I just woke up with the immediate knowledge. I didn’t even have that pause before realisation.

I did in fact have a dream about him only a few days back. It wasn’t one that I have told even my mum about as although strange, was uneventful. But I wanted to share it here as dreams slowly fade from memory, and I have shared a couple of strange dreams in the past on my blog. I find them such a fascinating part of our existence.


I was walking with family up the road towards our home late at night. I am not sure how late, but after sunset. It was pitch black. Our family home is in a little village on top of a hill surrounded by rolling hills in the north of England. We were walking up the hill on the main road heading to the village, roughly a ten minute walk. Why we were at the bottom of the hill is a mystery, dreams are weird like that. But something caused us to pause and we stayed where we were for a moment, gazing at something but I can no longer remember what. I noticed as we started to climb the hill again that my dad never stopped, in fact he got to the top of the hill already. I ran to chase him, got to the beginning of the village and kept shouting ‘Dad! Dad!’ and despite getting closer he never turned around. Now as it has been a while I can no longer remember if he did turn around just before I woke up, or if that was how the dream ended. What is strange about the dream is that this wasn’t a reflection of how my dad usually behaved, in fact the complete opposite. He was always there for me 24/7. Literally 24/7. He would constantly say that no matter where I was and what time it was, if I ever needed him he would be there. And he always was without fail. Maybe the dream was my brain interpreting the fact that he can no longer be there for me, I am not sure. I love to think that our dreams are the artwork formed as a result of our conscious actions and feelings, this would mean we could decode the meanings, no matter how bizarre they seem upon reflection.

I got a little choked up speaking to my mum today, as she was getting emotional during a call we had earlier. But even then it wasn’t difficult to speak. There have been times when I have been overcome with emotion, often when I least expect it. I can have countless conversations about my dad and feel okay, then one day I’ll be walking through a supermarket or in a bar and a Jimi Hendrix song comes on and I have to sit down for a moment. The emotion can lay dormant for a long time and suddenly it hits me and takes me by surprise.

I once heard that when a close family member dies, our brains don’t process it fully to keep us from going insane. It scars quickly over the wound and helps us to get back on our feet quicker. I don’t know how true this is, it could be bull for all I know but I would say that has been my experience.

I didn’t cry much at the time, and to be honest haven’t cried too much since. Apart from the times that it has snuck up on me and I have shed a tear in the strangest of places. Alcohol does this too, and in a way I like it because it helps me to let it out. Letting it out is a good thing, I listen to a song we both loved and it just happens sometimes. There are a few songs that get to me, one being this one by Alter Bridge. It was a song that I found very emotional before I even lost anyone, the song was written by the lead guitarist after losing his mother. The comment section is now filled with fans paying their respects as well as grieving themselves. It seems like it is a go-to song for people that want to close their eyes, listen and think of happy memories with loved ones.

I can only listen to this one sometimes as it is a tearjerker for sure.

I often go between two phases. My dad and I shared a great relationship, our house consisted of my mum, dad and my sister. That never changed until us kids moved out around university and found our own place. I had a very solid foundation to build my life upon and I will be forever grateful for that.

Despite living in a peaceful household I still have regrets that I didn’t do enough in return for my dad. Not even the big things as I was in my early twenties when he passed, I can forgive myself for not having my whole life together at that point. More the little things like making him more cups of tea or helping in the garden or whatever he was working on. The shopping and more chores. Another part of me thinks that if this is my biggest regret then I have been lucky. I spend an equal amount of time being grateful and content. We all lose loved ones, and our aim should be to have as little regrets as possible in our time with them.

As I was speaking with my mum today we were saying how seven years has gone by so quickly. Instantly Green Day’s Wake me up when September Ends started playing in my head, the lyrics ‘Seven years has gone so fast’ in particular. Billie Joe Armstrong wrote the song about losing his father, seven years ago at the time.

And it is true, seven years has gone so fast. I didn’t plan an emotional post today as I am still uploading some London shots from a few months back, but it would be weird not to share a post about my dad on his birthday. I miss him dearly, and grateful that he was a brilliant dad from day one. I appreciate this more and more with every year.

Happy Birthday Dad.

This is for anyone else that has lost someone very close to them too. In isolation we are probably in our heads a lot more than usual, a time of deep thought especially as we cannot see our families that are still around.

Cherish the time, even if it is through FaceTime.


Featured Photo by Dustin Groh on Unsplash

To my mum on Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day in the UK, my first in the UK since returning. But with the British government telling us that the best gift we can give today is to ‘stay away from mum’, the distance feels just as big.


But I will obviously listen to the advice.

We live in a bitter-sweet time. A time when we cannot control a virus but have the technology to connect the world in such a way that said virus goes global instantly. We also live in a time that allows us to connect digitally, and by sharing a quick FaceTime conversation that distance seems to shrink again.

I just wanted to put a quick happy mothers day message out there to the world. Remembering how lucky I am to have such a great mother, although I had never forgotten. And a happy mothers day to all you mothers out there.

I am sorry I couldn’t be with you this time round, but the beauty of life is we don’t have to limit such acknowledgments to one day. And we shouldn’t. There is a flaw in having a date circled in the calendar months ahead of time, when we have no idea what is around the corner. A global pandemic disrupting everything for example. It is much better to show love daily as tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. This quote is said so much but it is so true. I try not to forget this fact and each and every year I grow to realise how lucky we all are to enjoy another year on this earth. I am lucky to still be able to say it to my mum. Not everyone can, or could.

Happy mothers day to my amazing mum, and to all you great mothers out there.

Oh and take lots of photos, for the times when you can’t be together.





I was half-consciously browsing social media today, struggling to find motivation to post a blog entry. Whenever I leave it a couple days it always makes the next post harder to type up, I truly need to do it every day to keep the ball rolling at a decent speed.

You probably know Facebook memories, the social media platform occasionally brings up pictures from this date in a previous year, reminding us of the good and bad memories we decided to share with the world. Today’s caught me off guard as it was a picture of my dad, accompanying me and my immediate family and close friends on the airport shuttle as I headed on my first big adventure in 2010.

I was flying from Newcastle to West Texas to work in a hotel as an intern after university. One of the best years of my life. At this point I was still full of excitement, it didn’t really sink in that I wasn’t going to see my family again in person for a whole year until the cabin crew informed us we were about to land in the Lone Star State. I am very lucky I have family that despite missing me as much as I missed them, understood the importance of travel and having these experiences, especially at 21. It was a year that changed me as a person for the better and helped me understand the importance of experiencing this world whilst we can. It helped give birth to this blog and inspired the name One Chance to See the World.

This name is more true now than ever, as my dad is no longer here. After he developed a very aggressive disease a couple of years after this picture was taken, it reminds me that life is fragile and despite travelling being an important aspect of my life, going home and seeing my family again is priceless. This is why I am happy to be travelling back to England in September, despite this current Australian adventure being as amazing as my American trip was back in 2010.

It really caught me off guard seeing this picture again. I was totally zoned out and it just hit me. It is so strange seeing someone’s face after you know they are no longer here, it’s a bit like having a dream that they are still around and I have these from time to time. But it is a good feeling too, as they are great memories to cherish. What keeps me sane after this loss is remembering that we had great memories together, and my last memory wasn’t an argument or something negative. This is why I never leave a conversation on bad terms no matter what’s been happening. Any conversation could be the last and that conversation could eat away at your conscience for a lifetime.

I am sure many of you can relate to this too. I guess my advice here would be to not take life too seriously and always try to get along with family and friends as each conversation has the potential to be a huge memory in the future. It is important to make every moment a potentially great memory to look back on with a smile and not a regret, and I am very grateful this one brings a smile to my face.


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog.

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Happy birthday mum! 

Happy birthday to my amazing mum. This is one of the aspects of travel that isn’t rose tinted, being so far from home and missing special days like this. But we had an amazing holiday as a family recently and at the end of the day, a birthday is just another day in the calendar. Travelling may mean I reluctantly miss today but it also meant that we had the opportunity to spend a holiday together in a country that my mum has always wanted to visit. So if anything, missing a birthday is a small sacrifice for some huge positives.


So today’s blog post will be dedicated to my mother. For being an incredible mum to my sister and I and allowing us the freedom to make these big decisions to travel and pursue whatever we want in life. This has helped me become the person I am today and realise that we should do the things we want to do in life whilst we can, as not everyone has these opportunities. We truly have one chance to see the world and this year my family have been off to a great start.

Mum, I’ll see you in September!



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My fondest memory

In a recent comment on my post Being Lazy Without the Guarantee of Tomorrow, Noah over at noahswritersblock gave me a lovely little insight to life growing up and the outings he used to have to various places with his grandmother, places she enjoyed throughout her life. It made me think of the various memories I had growing up with the people that formed my childhood.


The very first picture that comes to mind when I think the word ‘childhood’ is similar to the one above. I guess that is the best way to think of my favourite memory, if one comes to mind first and regularly there is little reason to think harder and for longer. That’s probably the one.

I was born in the rolling hills of Country Durham in North East England. A small village called Coundon, the name coming from its old English name ‘Cunadun’ meaning ‘cows hill’. This makes sense, the village is on the edge of a big v-shaped valley with a small stream at the bottom, both sides of the valley linked with a small wooden bridge probably six feet long at most. The steep terrains of the hills as far as the eyes can see made cycling in summer and sledging in winter very popular for us kids. Like the beaten track above, a path at the bottom of my street would start and wind all the way down to this bridge and woods, and after school we would regularly head down here to build dens, ride the hills and make tarzan swings in the trees.

Childhood is such a strange time. One moment you don’t exist and the next you are riding these things called bikes in some new world with other beings that have only just sprung into existence. I love video games for the fact that we can escape reality and enter a new exciting world never seen before, but life is just like this too. A huge world suddenly opens up in front of us and as children we have a big desire to explore it. How crazy is that?

I grew up just as mobile phones were becoming mainstream. But without cameras and decent internet, there was little reason to take those chunky bits of plastic out with us other than to show off our skills on Snake or the fact that we could compose the theme tune to Mission Impossible with the right combination of buttons. It literally weighed us down as we ran through the fields hoping not to be caught by the farmers. Instead, listening out at 5pm for our parents to shout at the top of their voice from the front door was when we knew tea was ready*. Communication was primitive.

Already, the act of having to physically shout from the front door and hope that we were in close enough proximity to hear it echo throughout the hills seems so old fashioned. Despite being a 90’s child, my childhood is becoming ‘the olden days’ pretty damn fast.

I loved that we were probably the last generation to not have this reliance on technology in our lives. It was at the point when phones were becoming increasingly more convenient and useful, but not enough to have us distracted. Video games kept us indoors a lot of the time, but no child from any generation is exempt from this desire to hide away and become immersed in some kind of technology. Whether it be a novel or smart phone, it is just the nature of curiosity and a desire to find new worlds. As the internet wasn’t really incorporated into video games, online gaming wasn’t a thing. This kept our addiction at bay I am sure looking back and kept us out of the house.

So I feel this is my fondest memory growing up, playing in the countryside around my home no matter the weather.  We had the perfect balance of a great outdoor lifestyle but had enough technology to grow with it and see it evolve to what it is today without it being alien to us. Video games weren’t as open world as they are today and this limitation meant we used our imagination in reality, the actual world was so much larger than any game. Reality was our video game. But saying that, my family gathering around the Nintendo 64 to play Zelda and Goldeneye are also incredible memories. Those games despite the limitations still inspire me today with the levels of creativity and innovation they possessed. As a family we have regularly talked about how amazing these games are even by today’s standards and since my dad passed these have been precious memories to recall.

I just loved that time in life. Exploring the nature around our house that was so new and mysterious to our developing minds and having a loving family to go back to. Technology fast developing however not enough to keep us detached from the outside world but enough to be excited about the possibilities. Being blown away by the graphics that we laugh at now. The best of both worlds I guess. A time when we had to physically knock on a friends door to find out where they were and if they weren’t in, had to follow the sounds echoing through the backstreets to join them. A great era linking the past to the future with an ever increasing list of things that children would consider ‘old fashioned’ today. This makes my childhood seem so alien to what it is today, even if it does feel like yesterday. And that makes it so magical to look back on.


And with that, what was your favourite memory?



Photo by Jan Schulz on Unsplash


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My sister did the SkyPoint Climb and it looked terrifying 

As I recently mentioned in a post, I’m not the best with heights. I don’t do rollercoasters. As much as I would love to say I’ve skydived, the thought of it terrifies me. A skyscraper however, I can just about do.

Whilst we were up in the Q1 Tower, we noticed this guy calmly walking up the steps followed by a group. We soon found out that it was possible to book another experience up here, one that takes you from the 750ft SkyPoint observation deck and outside and up to the 885ft observation deck for the crazy fools.

Families also watched the bravest of the group make the climb from a safer environment.

Pre climb safety briefing… And my sister was part of this one. She said screw it, let’s do this and booked to go up at sunset. I admire my sister for this, not just for her bravery but her ambition to do these amazing once in a lifetime things.

The sunset trip cost a little more, but it seems to be worth it. The views during sunset were amazing.

See ya!

These initial first steps would be very hard for me. Like a roller coaster, that slow climb to the top, every moment a little higher… That would kill me.

I see you!

That’s the spire you can see from the ground. This itself is over 97m tall and weighs over 87 tonnes.

As my sister went first, I could tell where she was during the climb. Here she is posing for photos.

And here are the professional ones from the summit.


I can see why she did it, and why conquering such a fear has amazing benefits.


Interesting fact. The first ever highrise on the Gold Coast was the Kinkabool, a heritage-listed building that can be seen from the Q1.


Could you imagine imagining today’s skyline in the 60’s? The highrise back then would have overlooked every other building. Now it’s dwarfed. Gotta love time.

The climb down is exactly the same, down the opposite end of the tower. I would imagine this is where my relief would kick in… But then again seeing the city below me instead of seeing sky like I would climbing up would probably cause problems.

And she’s down! With a smile that makes it obvious how amazing this experience was.

Is it possible to urge people to do something like this considering how reluctant I am to do it? I guess so. I mean, there will be people out there that are terrified like me, but with more willpower and just a little more mental strength and the ability to override the ‘no’ switch in our brains. Maybe this person is you, and with this view, it isn’t hard to see why people push themselves to overcome such a fear.


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Back in Sydney, and I’m ill…

Hello from Sydney! I have flown down to visit my mum and sister that have travelled all the way from the UK to visit me. I am so happy to see them again, the first time in over a year, however one thing has frustrated me on this trip.

I have the flu.


At least it feels like the flu. My head is pounding, I’m breathless, I can hardly breathe in without the urge to cough fifty times and pretty weak. The most frustrating thing is that this never happens to me, annoyingly it has held off until my family got here. Perfect timing.

But with that, I have tried to get out and do things with them. We have been in Sydney since the 2nd, and today was the first time I had to leave them to do their own thing and get a taxi home. They have headed to Watsons Bay, I went to Bondi Beach with them (in the rain) and had to call it a day around midday. They love to shop, I don’t, so it isn’t all bad. I’ve escaped that. Until now the weather has been great too, we had a great walk around the Chinese Garden of Friendship yesterday and Darling Harbour, as well as getting the ferry to Circular Quay and up to Taronga Zoo.


Precious family time well spent.

But as always, through every negative there is room for positives. For me, nothing makes me feel more ill than doing nothing and just sitting there, existing in this present moment of crappy-ness. Keeping busy and productive helps, and being stuck indoors gives me opportunity to blog and write. It is cold and rainy outside and I have no energy to be doing anything? There is no better time for me to open my laptop. The hot whiskey in the picture above helped as well I must admit.

In fact, I feel a lot better after the hot drink. Hopefully this won’t last too much longer and I can fully enjoy the trip whilst they are here. I will be here for a few more days, so lets see what it brings!


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Where did you spend Christmas?

It’s weird being away from home at Christmas. Feelings of loneliness are a big symptom, along with a bit of guilt for not being home and confusion as to what to actually do when you don’t have the annual festive routine with family to enjoy. But you know where I am and that I’m away from home, so I want to ask about your Christmas break.

Did you stay at home or travel and who was it with? Are you currently travelling overseas yourself? Did you do something different this year or stick to tradition, and what does Christmas usually consist of for your family?

Everyone is different, due to my family being spread all over the UK  mine is typically with my parents and sister in the home, and every now and then we would see other family members if we got the chance. Mainly grandparents. My dad died in 2013 and since then it has been with my sister and mum, although we have made the effort since to see family located nearby. I believe the Christmas after dad died in November we spend it with my cousins and their family 40 minutes north in Newcastle. I lived and worked in Newcastle by this point after moving out of the family home in Durham and had to work Christmas Day, so it was easier for my mum and sister to come up to see me and the rest of the family that live here. It was a lovely Christmas and the first one I recall being away from home since the 90’s. 

So let me know what you got up to, again I hope you all had a great day and it would be nice to hear what this day consists of for you.

To those that don’t realise how great their lives are and why asking for free things destroys productivity

Today’s post will be dedicated to the people out there that you would expect be better people. Better because of their line of work, sometimes working with some very disadvantaged people in, what I would imagine to be, a very rewarding job. I have had a draft saved for some time and I thought I would use it as I have been reminded of this on a couple of occasions.

Picture the scene. I am working on reception in a previous hotel job, a fairly busy day of check ins. Despite this I am having a pleasant day and the steady flow of arrivals means that I can engage in conversation with most people. As always, 90% of people I engage with are very pleasant and are happy to have a chat about the day we are having. This puts me in a good mood and helps with my performance at work. I like to be in a good mood, I give off this good vibe to guests and they therefore receive great customer service and feed off it. They go out and have a great day, as do I. It is a great cycle of happiness and well-being but not everyone is happy to be in this cycle. Some people want to puncture the tires of this cycle with a dagger of misery and anger.


Take this lady. Lady X as I will call her in this post. Not that I remember her name anyway, I prefer to try and remember the good people out there. Life is too short to have precious brain-space taken by those that aren’t. She came to the desk in a fairly polite manner however with an agenda to get something for free. After carrying out tens of thousands of check ins over the years, I can now see it a mile off.

A little advice from a hoteliers point of view, if you go to a reception desk and think you are alone in asking for that cheeky upgrade or late check out, you are probably the 50th person that day. By all means go for it, but it certainly helps to be nice. Being nice goes a long way!

Lady X didn’t have this approach. She came to the desk and as she was finished telling me her name, she said something along these lines:

‘So I have had a crappy day to be honest. Firstly my flight here was delayed by THREE HOURS, and as I work for a charity with blind people I missed my lecture in the city. A lecture to a room of blind people. 

Now I haven’t been to this hotel before and I would love to give great feedback to the charity that has put me up here, and if you could give me an upgrade to a nicer room during my stay considering the day I have had, that would be great.’

What didn’t help this ladies case was the half condescending nature and tone of the delivery. It may read fairly polite, but the tone really changed it. If she was calm, understanding and less expecting in the way she asked, I would have at least tried to see it from her perspective. She has had a bad day, I get that. But we all do, and this doesn’t guarantee an upgrade to a hotel that has not contributed to this bad day at all.

I had to tell her that unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to do so as the delayed flight was out of our hands. She could of course view a room and if she would like to pay for an upgrade, we would action this as we have availability.

‘No, sorry I cannot accept this. Can I speak to your manager please.’

That was truly her response. The classic can I speak to the manager line, upset at the thought of not getting free things.

‘No problem’, I replied. I went to the back office and spoke to my manager, who was as confused and humoured as I was after I briefed him. He came outside to speak to her directly, introduced himself and repeated that we wouldn’t be able to action a free upgrade, but of course upgrade her if she wishes to add it to the bill. Not getting anywhere on the quest for free stuff, she asked for the keys and walked to the elevator.

I couldn’t believe the greed seen here. If we missed her wake up call on check out and she therefore missed her departing flight, of course she would get a complimentary upgrade on a future stay. But having a bad day and blaming us for it? Madness. I should have left work after my shift, found the nearest restaurant and demanded 50% off because of the stress I received at work. I know how that would have went.

Just a couple of hours after this, I had a very similar issue. You know what they say about waiting for a bus and then two come at once. I remember this one just as well as I couldn’t believe how soon after the first one I found myself in a similar situation.

This time, a member of cabin crew for an airline came to the desk after already checking in. We had airline pilots and crew stay with us due to our close proximity to the airport and it was great to have. Again, the majority were really nice. This one was an exception.

Lady Y questioned why she didn’t have the coffee machine in her room like her previous stays. After looking up her previous stays with us, it turns out due to lack of availability we upgraded her to the next room type on every single one of her previous stays, maybe apart from one time. I told her that the room she currently has was the one shes always booked, however every other time it wasn’t available. I was hoping that telling her about her previous complimentary upgrades would make her more grateful than anything, but it didn’t. She again asked for the keys, took them and without another word, huffed and walked towards the elevator.

To me, this kind of attitude is toxic. I don’t know why some people are unable to control their inner greed, but it seems a very hard thing to do. I try to think of the kind of day they have had that would lead to such misery, but I really cannot justify it. If the person has a low mood, fair enough. But to unleash that misery onto someone they have never met before, there is no excuse. And how bad can a day be?

I mean, the first guest worked with blind people. Shouldn’t she be taking this time to reflect on how lucky she is? I imagine working for a charity would help keep me in check and constantly provide an enhanced perspective in life and the things I should be thankful for. Not here. And the member of cabin crew… surely they know what hospitality work is like? She is the very person she probably hates dealing with on the flight.

The irony.


I remember the day my dad died. As soon as we left the hospital room, we were walking through the corridor and out of the hospital doors when a person was holding up another person. It looked like they were having a stroke or a seizure, I am not sure what it was but my mum, sister and I ran to the nearest room of doctors and nurses and alerted them of the patient in the corridor. They attended to the person and we walked out of the hospital. I am not sure what happened after that.

Seeing my own father take his final breaths was not an excuse to be an asshole. It never was and it never will be. Granted, there were times when I was totally demotivated to speak to anyone and had occasional bursts of anger, but I never had the energy to go out of my way to put that misery onto someone else, nor the desire. I would have also been in no mood whatsoever to ask for an upgrade or free coffee machine on my next hotel stay, and being turned down for these would not have been an issue at all in comparison. This is why I find it very hard to have sympathy for people that don’t realise how good they have it, lucky to be in a job that flies them to five star hotels with occasional delays. What a great life.

But of course, I don’t know what happens behind the scenes. What may cause such negativity. But putting this stress onto other people and using them as some kind of verbal- or worse- physical punching bag is weak. There is no excuse for this.

This has made me realise that although I greatly appreciate free things, I would much prefer to work hard and earn them. It is the same with saving money. I have always been terrible at it and still am, and I would much rather work hard to be able to free myself of a low income and give myself the opportunities to have what I want when I want, instead of sitting around and waiting for luck to come my way. It helps me to try and be creative and keep myself going, trying to better myself and improve wherever I can.

So here is my advice to myself, and maybe you feel the same way. Don’t expect free things, earn those things. If I want to be first class on a flight or receive an upgrade to a nicer hotel room, I don’t want to limit my productivity and use chance as the deciding factor. I would much rather work hard every day so this is a guarantee. It will make me feel much more accomplished in the mean time and I will have developed so much more in the process. It is the same with lottery tickets. I don’t buy them because that gives me an excuse to sit back and hope chance favours me this time. It gives me an excuse to refrain from following my passions and achieving my dreams. And life is too short for us to not take control.


Featured Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Angry Face by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Happy Face by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


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Finding an escape

I’ve had a rather emotional morning. I decided to take a walk earlier this morning before I start work and found an exhibition. The exhibition is called GLOW- ‘A collection of artwork by artists with a lived experience of mental illness’.

I have passed it before but didn’t check to see what it is about. Once I found out, I thought I would take a look inside. What I found was artwork of all styles, abilities and ages. What I liked was that there was a short description next to the authors name as to what is the reasons for the painting. Here are a few examples I thought I would share. I asked the staff of it was okay to take photos for my blog and they were okay with it. I’m never sure today what is acceptable and what isn’t, copyright and all. But I will add the artists names to each.

This was the first one I walked up to, and possibly the most humerous.

‘Funky Ladies’

‘Art helps me to cope with my everyday life and I feel good about it.’

Artist- David Carroll

‘The glow of the flowers’

‘Flowers make me very happy and always cheers me up when I am sad or alone.  I love to pick bright- glowing flowers just about from anywhere and everywhere but I know I shouldn’t. To me, flowers glow with colour!’

Artist- Jimmy Petroff


‘Art reaches out beyond psychopathology and into freedom’

Artist- Alison Ferrier

‘Next door neighbour’

‘The galaxy is our next door neighbour and I want to remind people that there is life out there full of hope and colours.’

Artist- Steven Noel

‘Delft blue glow’

‘Doing this kind of artform puts me in a state of calm and the voices quieten to the point I can’t hear them anymore.’

Artist- Natalie Neilon

‘Into the light’

‘Painting allows me to express my ideas. It’s my hobby. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that has severely affected my mobility. MIFQ art exhibition allows me a safe venue to show my artwork.’

Artist- Janette

‘Jane glowing flying her kite’

‘Story is of my sister as I would like to remember her, running free having fun with her kite and how she would glow with joy given the opportunity to. Age 10 1956 to 1966.’

Artist- JCT


That last one really hit me. It is of a young, innocent girl having fun before her life is tragically cut short, however this occurred. Someone that wasn’t given the time to experience everything that life has to offer. A sister to an artist that to this day uses art as a therapy to overcome the loss and sadness this caused.

Tragically, this kind of loss is one of millions. It’s strange that one picture can make me tear up, however I can somehow go about my life knowing that this is an everyday occurance for so many families around the world. I guess one loss is easier to understand. A world of losses is almost unfathomable and much harder to process.

It is a reminder for me that we all have problems that we face daily, many problems people face I am oblivious to. It also reminds me that the problems I face daily are relatively small and that I shouldn’t let them affect me. I take inspiration from each of these artists, all with problems that they escape using their passion for art. An escape from a mind and body that we still know very little about, a mystery that we can only live with for now whilst we learn and use art as a way to express our feeling towards our existence.

I will use this these to remind myself that I need to live whilst I am in existence, for the people that haven’t had the same opportunity.


The artwork is on display during Queensland Mental Health Week, King George Square, Brisbane between 5-12th October and is free entry.


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