How long have you been blogging?

Today is the first day in God knows how long that I haven’t left the house at all. Not even for the bins or to pop to the shops. The closest I got was opening my bedroom window to let some fresh air in and shout obscenities to the neighbours to let them know I am still here. But that is about it really.

With this I have little to talk about, so today was the perfect day to find out I have been blogging for six whole years on WordPress.


I like the reminders for the little boost they give me. To remember that I started all the way back in 2014 in Newcastle and have done quite a bit since. Especially travel-wise. I feel travel has been my biggest accomplishment during this time as this was what I wanted to do the most.

It seems obvious looking at my blog today, but it didn’t start as a travel blog.

But it started here, from gazing over these views of Newcastle’s Quayside from the Castle Keep whilst the city was my home…


To soaking up Kuala Lumpur’s skyline by the pool on my 24th birthday…


To the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro…


To moving to Sydney after booking a flight pretty tipsy at a wedding back in England (this really is how it happened)…


To arriving back in the UK in my 30’s (only barely in my 30’s!!), working and living in London.


I have been very lucky to have visited so many incredible places in recent years, and met some amazing people along the way. The pictures I have taken over the years don’t just remind me of the places I have been but the countless stories inbetween, some I forget for years before something brings it all back. A certain sound or smell, a food, meeting up with a friend again… our memories consist of so much. And being reminded always brings a smile to my face.

But six years… I like to think I have evolved as a blogger and writer in that time. My blog’s style has certainly changed, my writing style I don’t think has as much. Now, my main focus is to keep blogging but improve my photography. I have always loved taking photos however lacked that skill and professional camera to take truly great photos, so I am hoping to change that in the next couple of years. That is my new goal.

I have been out and about during my absence trying to take more unique shots, trying to find my niche and see photography from different perspectives. I have taken a bunch that I am pretty happy with, but I don’t plan on uploading them just yet. I am using them as more of a practice run, although I will start adding them to my blog eventually when I am getting into the swing of things.

I am also planning to upload very regularly on my Instagram feed, I started to however my trips around London have been delayed whilst we suffer this pandemic. I would greatly appreciate those that haven’t followed me there to consider it as it would mean a lot to me! Instagram is pretty much used as a portfolio for photographers (and us amateurs) and I think it is a great platform to share our photos on. Thank you to those that have!

And thank you for following me here on my blog. Six years has flown by, but to see so many familiar faces and new ones everyday is a joy.

How long have you been blogging? Have you had a milestone achievement during this time, or a favourite memory as a blogger? Has your blog changed over time?

Let me know, and I will see you in the comments.

Happy blogging!



Lots of bridges, Durham, Newcastle and a sport called FootGolf

It was time to leave Germany, my flight was later in the afternoon and I also found a picture of our previous Prime Minister upsidedown just as I was leaving the hostel.


And as I was waiting for the train to the airport with a snack that I mistakenly thought was some kind of hot dog, I was excited to be back home again with a cup of tea and some more family time.


I chilled in this little area of the airport, and got the second and last currywurst of the trip. I ended up talking to a lovely scottish couple from Edinburgh, they even offered me a pint as they went to the bar which was lovely. I politely declined but remained chatting to them until the flight.


The flight was delayed, the captain however was apologetic and honest about the delay. I cannot remember exactly what it was but it was human error and some break up of communication that caused it. But we took off and in no time back in a cloudy Edinburgh.


I love the bridges you can see from my window as we were approaching, three can be seen over the Firth of Fourth. The Fourth Bridge, Fourth Road Bridge and newly built Queensferry Crossing (furthest away in the shot below) can be seen in my shot. The one underneath is by a photographer I have linked at the bottom of the post. I have mentioned these bridges a couple of times in my blog as they were used in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. One of Rockstars HQ’s is in Edinburgh. More info on these impressive structures can be read here.


And to a bridge a little closer to home. Newcastle has seven bridges over the River Tyne, linking Newcastle (left in shot below) to Gateshead (right). They have a great history of their own, the main bridge below- the Tyne Bridge- built by a local company that went on to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Interestingly I have just learned that the bridge was desinged by the same company as the Fourth Road Bridge. The white one behind it is the Gateshead Millenium Bridge, it tilts to let boats through. The Swing Bridge in front of the Tyne Bridge, you guessed it, swings 90 degrees to allow boats to pass. The bridge I was on is the High Level Bridge, a Grade I listed structure. I was on a train at the very top, below it is a road. The dual purpose bridge is an impressive size and length, opened in 1849.

This site linked here gives an insight to each and a ranking, in their opinion, of the best to worst. It would be great to know what your favourite is!


The weekend after my trip was a great one spent at home with my mum. I also met with friends to play a game I have never played before.



Mixing football (soccer) and golf, it was pretty fun despite being a little windy. I haven’t played football in at least two years, and it was obvious.

I wasn’t the one to put the ball in the water however. Not in this shot at least.


Using the lifebelt wasn’t a wise decision but it was a logical one. We kept hold of it and even if the rope cut, one of us would have taken one for the team.

It didn’t work, we put the lifebelt back and got another ball.


Despite being fun and something different, I couldn’t help to notice the holes were very similar, apart from maybe a couple. I think incorporating a more mini-golf style would have added more fun to it and kept it from seeming a little repetitive.

Anyways I got back home, very briefly, and got some energy back by getting my mum to open the chocolates I bought for her in Berlin. They were good.


And one thing I love about being home is the scenery around us. All rural and with the odd hot air-balloon over head. By cropping the house and lines out of the shot it reminded me just how small we are in the grand scheme of things.


I could never do a balloon ride, as amazing as it must be. The thought of being so high up in nothing but a basket terrifies me.

And not long after this me and the lads went for a couple of drinks in Durham. We went into a pub with a ‘no phones and laptops zone’ which I guess was refreshing so no shots form there. And sadly I couldn’t stay too long as I agreed to meet some friends back in Newcastle that evening. But as it is only a ten minute train ride between the two cities I left the pub, took a quick drunken selfie underneath Durham Castle and Cathedral and boarded the train.


Hogwarts scenes were filmed above me! Also a good distraction from my grey hairs coming through…

I arrived in Newcastle, and had to take the shot below for a friend in Melbourne. Tup Tup (a nightclub in the city’s Diamond Strip) was well known in Australia because of the show Geordie Shore. I’ll be honest I have had a couple of fun night’s in there, and used to check in one of the cast regularly as I worked in a hotel nearby.


It is also right next to Newcastle Castle.


We headed to a bar underneath the Tyne Bridge that wasn’t open when I left for Sydney back in 2017. By The River Brew Co. reminded me of Eat Street in Brisbane. Eat Street was a street-food festival using shipping containers as a venue. By The River Brew Co. does the same thing, with a micro brewery and a street food market next to it. We watched the sun set and I had a taste of what was on offer.

I just love the Quayside. This section however was all empty before hand, a ship used to be docked here called the Tuxedo Princess, used as a nightclub with a revolving floor. It was nothing but weeds last time I walked by and now, a great venue.


I would recommend it if in Newcastle, and I will visit again on another trip to the city.

But it was time for me to get the train to London, I don’t know if I have told you this, but I had a Skype interview for a hotel in Central London whilst I was in Melbourne, and as soon as I landed in London I was offered the job. I said my goodbyes and prepared for the three hour journey to the capital.

It wasn’t as emotional as it was moving to Sydney, as I am only three hours south. Trains can be expensive (as is London!) but I hope to make regular journeys back up north.


‘Mind’. This segue’s into my next shot from Durham, as I was walking up the steps to Durham Station I noticed these were placed on the railings.


It is a sad reminder that many lives are lost on railways, often suicide. Traumatic for those that witness it but even more tragic for those that feel they need to end their lives. Similar to cards placed on bridges, I feel these messages are important not just for those considering doing this, but for the rest of us that need reminding that it is a real issue that we need to address.

I waited for my train, I made the journey from Bishop Auckland to Darlington, Darlington to Kings Cross.


My next post will be from London. And I already have lots of shots to share with you and so many places to see. I have a few ideas as to how I want to involve you in my travels and I am excited for this chapter.

Thank you for reading, I will see you soon from London!

Firth of Fourth Bridge Photo by Zhanhui Li on Unsplash


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Deciding between a writing book and starting a blog

I remember the exact moment I decided between whether I was going to write a book or create a blog. I was crossing the road from Central Station in Newcastle, this road to be exact.


As I recall, it wasn’t this sunny that day. It was a much rainier day, the grey skies and lack of activity had my head elsewhere. Despite being committed to writing in some form, I wasn’t sure which path to take and it was playing on my mind a lot. After a bunch of trips to Waterstones (one of the leading book sellers in the UK) and a bit of online research, I made a decision.

I realised that writing a book without an audience would be like buying a car without wheels. And writing a book with hardly any book-writing experience would be like trying to find that car without wheels whilst blindfolded. All in all I didn’t think it was a wise idea.

The beauty of blogging is that it is much more adaptable. I have changed my site considerably three times since 2014, including the name of it and themes. I like that I can change my style when I feel like it and find out what works and what doesn’t. I will eventually become confident with a final product and until then, I can create content that can be put into a book and increase my writing skills in the process, at the same time build a community that would like to read such a book. It is a perfect route for a potential first-time-author-nobody like me. To think that I even put so much time into simply throwing a book out there is silly looking back. It was the perfect decision and it has been fantastic for so many reasons since I started back in 2014.

Another reason why I had decided to blog is that I can add to it as much as I want, when I want. I am not limited to pages or word count, and my posts don’t really have to follow a theme. One post could be about my recent trip somewhere, the next could be how I am feeling. I don’t have to stick to chapters and I enjoy that writing freedom.

My about me section mentions that I am book writing, and I have roughly 100,000 words stored in chapters waiting to be tidied up and finalised. I have a title but I don’t want to put that out there until it is closer to publishing. I am not going to touch this however until I know that publishing would be at the appropriate time. My blog has evolved since I started to write the book, so I may make big changes to chapters as since then, my opinions and feelings have changed on certain topics. Another pro for writing on WordPress is that I can evolve over time too. If I published in 2014, I might now disagree with some of the things in those chapters. Waiting has been the right choice for me.

Looking back I think I may have started book writing first, getting a few thousand words into a word document. I remember copying and pasting those paragraphs into my earliest blog posts, and I also remember the moment I almost accidentally deleted the whole thing. That was probably another reason why I wanted play it safe with a blog, 100,000 words is rather scary to have in a document unseen. Blogging I can share it bit by bit with my audience and I love that.

What do you think, have you also considered writing a book? Have you one or more published? Let me know in the comments and feel free to share if you have already.

Happy writing!



Featured Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash



Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Blog, eat, blog, eat… (a post from 2016!)

What I love finding in earlier posts is that I haven’t lost my love of blogging. From the title of this post from 2016 I can see that blog, eat, blog, eat was a ritual that I have kind of stuck with to this day. The only difference is back then I would have bouts of frequent blogging and times with little activity. One of the reasons was episodes of anxiety and depression that had me lose all motivation to blog. But since then I have morphed my blog into one with more optimism and bright colours. This has helped a lot.

This post was a quick one. It was from the Botanist, one of my favourite bars in Newcastle, England. This gin tasting session was in fact a reason why I found a new love for gin, as learning more about how it is made convinced me to give it another chance. I just learned not to drink it at parties.

In fact, as my book writing remains dormant as I build my blog, this very moment at the table in the Botanist is the opening lines to my book. Will it remain there? I am not sure but I guess we will see.


From January 21st, 2016…

It’s restaurant week here in Newcastle, so the pounds that leave my wallet are being added to my gross tonnage.

It’s a great idea for the difficult weeks after Christmas, but bloody hard to make a booking. Oh, there was a little gin tasting session thrown in too yesterday. I really don’t like gin (probably more psychological than anything after what I can only describe as the hangover of all hangovers, and waking up in my friends parents bed to be sick all over their sheets) but I didn’t have the heart to tell him and it was an interesting talk to say the least.

BBQ yesterday, Italian tonight?

That’s all I can type for now, I’m getting out of breath.



Just a quickie, how would everyone feel if I was to upload throwback posts into my blog every so often? I know I have asked this previously with positive results, however I may blog during the day and find an older article to talk about on an evening, as I like posting twice a day and it gives me a chance to repost some of the thousand+ posts that have hardly been viewed as I got used to blogging. It’s like a little time machine that helps me remember how this blog formed and I think you will enjoy some of the posts.

Let me know what you think!


Originally posted 21/1/2016

Re-posted 07/02/2019


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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The journey started here.

I was looking through my older posts for a ‘throwback’ post, as I have so many posts that I would like to share again that have sunk into the murky depths of daily blogging. It is nice to remind myself how far my blog has come, and what got me here.

I was searching for posts that I shared on this day in 2017, exactly a year ago and at the start of my Australia journey. It turns out I didn’t post at all in the whole month of October, my last post was this one on 31st August. I didn’t post again until my visit to the Blue Mountains outside Sydney in November. The whole of September and October was spent job searching and getting to know the city I temporarily called home.

But this was nice to read. I remember this train journey so well, probably because it wasn’t my usual train journey despite being a familiar route. It was one that had my sister and mother waving to me from the platform and knowing I wouldn’t see them for a long time. I cannot wait to see them again in January, this time they are visiting me and I cannot wait for them to see Sydney for themselves.

When I first thought September would be the most realistic month for me to save enough to travel at the beginning of the year, it seemed so far away. Now, here I am in first class (at the amazing cost of £30), on route to London.

A slight jump as I sit down, realising that the seats recline. And… I don’t have to sit next to anyone! A free glass of white wine recently topped up and a pretty decent duck wrap. I’m not used to first class, I’m looking around to ensure I am not doing anything that will expose me as an economy traveller. So far, so good.

Then, autocorrect proved itself to be the devil as I described what I was having on the journey to my mother.

My mum has a new phone number. I don’t have a new mum.

As soon as you leave the station in Durham the most beautiful view awaits. How many routes around the world are this beautiful?

I’m roughly half way through my journey to London. That of course is hardly a dent in my journey to Sydney. The wine makes this a great start. The next 72 hours are going to be tiring, but worth it. It’s a shame to leave my family however it is a great opportunity now for them to visit me in a place they have never been. That is the best way to look at any goodbye, an opportunity for a new hello. This time, the same hello, just on a new adventure.


R.B 16.10.18

Why I like to work when I travel

In a recent post, I asked a question and asked for any questions readers may have about me in general. The questions shared a very similar theme so it is nice to add them here and answer them in a dedicated post. My question was, if you had to only travel for two weeks a year, would you stay at home and travel abroad for those two weeks, or live abroad (anywhere) and go back to your home country for the two weeks. The answers I would say were 50/50. Some people like home. Others like to make new places their home. There of course is no ‘right’ answer.

So without further ado, here are the questions I received. I am sorry if someone posts a question after I put this out, I will of course answer it in a comment reply. Hopefully this is a good opportunity to learn something new about me and I have linked those bloggers that asked the questions so please feel free to check them out too.

Let’s start with this one from TracyNicole:

Where have you lived and do you have a job that is easy to obtain no matter where you live or do you do a new job each place you live?

I have lived in four separate locations. They are (in chronological order):

County Durham, England


Lubbock, TX


Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England


Sydney, Australia


Notice the similarity of the bridges in Newcastle and Sydney. Although the same company built both, Sydney Harbour Bridge looks more like the Hell Gate Bridge in New York. Apparently both of the above bridges had designs derived from the Hell Gate Bridge, but Sydney certainly has more of a resemblance. The same people, but slightly different designs. I have always found that pretty cool, especially now that I have walked over both of them. Once is certainly bigger and more well known!

Regarding the second part of the question, I feel very lucky when it comes to finding work. I was born in Durham, but my first real job was in Newcastle. I was working for the tourist board helping promote the city, I commuted to and from Durham via bus (an hour and a half commute that I hated) but the job was worth it. This was during university and after graduating I was offered a paid internship in Texas, and of course I accepted it. This has been the easiest job to find as I didn’t even have an interview. I simply graduated and there were enough spaces available to apply. After my 12 month contract came to an end, I stayed in contact with the company I worked for in Newcastle and found an apartment there. I continued to work in hospitality here for roughly four years.

When I arrived in Sydney in September, I did not have a job secured. I was very lucky to find a hotel hiring on Circular Quay and because of my experience, started work a couple of days later.

So in terms of employment, I highly recommend anyone that is at university to look for internships and opportunities to travel abroad. Travelling to Sydney I did not have anything secured, but if you have the experience or just enough motivation to keep looking for work, it can be found. I personally like to go into workplaces in person and introduce myself instead of simply uploading a CV online, I feel it makes you stand out more and shows a little more effort. So my work isn’t flexible in the sense that I can be transferred, however hospitality is everywhere and having the experience in this industry helps me to find such work anywhere I go. I have never been able to keep the same job once I have moved, but always had similar work. Only one company (in Texas) hired me before I moved there. Everywhere else, I had to find employment after landing.

Thanks for the question!

Thank you to atheistsmeow for this one:

Have you set a time limit for how long you will stay in one place to work, or are you playing it by ear?

Unfortunately, my current visa restrictions means I can only work for six months with any one company. So my last working day was March 11th. I am playing it by ear in terms of where I will be and who I am working for with these restrictions in mind. I feel it is a good thing however, as it forces me to keep moving. What is different with my american visa was that I could only work for the one company that sponsored me for 12 months, meaning I was restricted to one city. I did travel, but probably not as much as I will do in Australia.

Here’s one from Pins for the Wins:

How do you make each new place feel more like home when you move?

Interestingly enough I don’t really do much to my new home once I move. For example my current apartment isn’t filled with things to remind me of home. But this is because I like to be out of the house more than I am in it, and when I am here I like to Skype with family and friends back home. I know some people take pictures and put them in frames, or take along certain possessions and foods. I probably would have been more like this if I was travelling before the days of instant communication. Now, I know I can Skype in an instant and see family as well as the home I left behind for travel. What I do like to do however is bring back items from my travels to keep in my home back in the UK. When I am back there I like to have reminders of where I have been!

This is interesting to think about actually, if you are the opposite and make your new home remind you of ‘back home’ let me know. For me, I know I won’t be in these destinations for too long, not long enough to make them homely. If I was to permanently move here however, I am sure I would put more effort in.

This question is from by The Wee Bakery:

How many countries have you visited? Is there anywhere you went for a holiday and just ended up staying?

I have visited *closes eyes and tries to think* the following countries, in chronological order again to help jog my memory.

  • Spain (four times, only once to the mainland)
  • France
  • Norway
  • The Netherlands
  • USA (NYC three times, TX for a year and then up the east coast)
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Brazil (one month, including the Olympics and a couple weeks flying from city to city although I needed more time)
  • Argentina (this doesn’t really count, we crossed the border and ate at a restaurant. But it was fun!)
  • Australia

So I am by no means ‘well travelled’ compared to some bloggers here, however I feel very fortunate to have visited as many as I have. A question  often get asked iswhich was my favourite, however they are all so different it is hard to compare. Some have greater food, some a better quality of life, some have better weather. It all depends on who you are as a person and what you want from a holiday.

Many of these places I wish I could have stayed longer in, however there hasn’t been an instance in which I decided to stay there. But that is why I have decided to take year long visas, to make sure I get to see as much as I can without running out of time and being full of regrets. Large countries need more than a week or two, sometimes just to get over the jet-lag alone!

Cheers Miss LiV Adventures for asking:

My question for you is why did you decide to travel, and how did you find the means?

I decided to travel when I was 20. I went on holidays with family and still do and loved the thrill of flying to a completely different country, weather, currency, food etc. I was also very shy growing up, and once I was given the opportunity to work in the States I jumped for it. This was the best decision I have ever made. I became much more confident, I had to become self reliant and get over the uncomfort of living so far from family. It really did develop me as a person, and I realised how much of the world I was missing by not doing so. I am also not religious, and I really want to make the most of this life whilst I can. I know when I go back home I will see the same faces walking into the same shop buying the same newspaper, and this is okay but it freaks me out a little. I need to be out there seeing what the world has to offer!

It isn’t cheap to travel, which is why on these year long trips I work to fund myself. The Australian Working Holiday Visa is great for this, allowing you to work for six months with any company whilst you fund such travels. There is also the opportunity for sponsorship if a company decides to keep you on, meaning more opportunity to stay longer. I wanted to make the most of this whilst I was able to obtain this visa. I haven’t been sponsored, however they give you the option to stay for a second year by doing three months of farmwork in rural areas.

Update: I am also single, still in my twenties with no children. This makes it much easier for me to travel, less responsibilities means I currently have more time to travel when I want and where. A factor that I didn’t think to add!

by AJ

Where are you going next?

So, now that I have finished my current contract, I have until September to stay anywhere in Australia. However as I briefly mentioned above, by doing 88 days of farmwork I can apply for a second year. So this is what I am going to be doing now. In the next week or so I am going to fly up to Queensland and start this farming adventure to extend my visa until September 2019. This means I will have much more time to explore this vast nation, something I haven’t really been able to do whilst working full time in Sydney.

So the bad news is, I need to work hard in high temperatures to get that second year. The good news is that I will have plenty more to blog about until my visa expires, with plenty more locations to visit and sights to see. I am considering two locations to fly to in the next week, I will let you know when I have made a decision. Exciting times!

Thank you all for the questions, it is great to read them and I am pleased to give you some answers. I had fun doing this and I am sure I will have another Q&A in the not too distant future if you enjoyed it! 

As always, I appreciate the feedback and any comments you may have. What country should I visit next and why?



Street smart

To follow on from my previous post (partially), a message I had found on the street in Newcastle, NSW.

Not art, more a simple message that has been scribbled on the floor. I felt it was a deep enough message to take a photo.


For those struggling to see the message, it reads- ‘Abandon TV and enter the age of knowledge’.

Not that TV was the problem I talked about recently, it was the internet, and the dilemma for me is that I feel the internet is much more beneficial for finding the truth that TV can ever be. The sad thing is it is also a haven for cyber bullying, trolls and misinformation. Like so many things, it is about using the internet as the powerful tool it is and taking advantage of the capabilities instead of letting it take advantage of us. Like being caught up in a violent storm, we can use the strong winds to carry us or knock us down. If a gale is blowing, kite surf.

So yes, the internet is much better than TV for information, however it is a lot more dangerous. In an age in which we have the ability to obtain all the information gathered throughout human history, it is learning how to extract this goodness that we need to practice.

Changing the meaning

I posted an image yesterday with street art from (seemingly) two different artists. Since then I have discovered another example of this from Newcastle, NSW. Basically, it is a spray painted message that was edited by someone else to say something else.

Now, this one needs very little explanation compared to yesterday’s. The first spray painted message read ‘VOTE NO’, inspired by the recent vote for same sex marriage here in Australia. Many of you will already know that the yes vote won, although it is clear there was a campaign to prevent it from doing so. I even found protests looking up into the Sydney skies, I posted about it in The sky told me how to vote today.


I feel sorry for these people. I have been watching debates from those opposing same sex marriage such as Ben Shapiro, and although he can give a coherent, educated rebuttal from faith, I just cannot find sympathy. One of the reasons is that it is heavily inspired by faith and religion, a reason why I left it behind. I cannot think of another reason why anyone would be opposed to same sex relations, other than the reason I provided in this post.

Being religious just isn’t a good enough excuse for me. I found that leaving it behind meant I had less reason for telling people how to live, or be offended by how they choose to live. Plus, the rainbow flag looks great painted onto a concrete floor. If I am not being harmed by a same sex partnership and guys are free to date guys instead of the girl I could be talking to, I am happy. What could be worse for traditional marriage than two people of the opposite sex not wanting to be with each other anyway?!

Finding the meaning

I stumbled upon this piece of street art in Newcastle, NSW. I’m struggling with the message, I’m aware that may make me stupid.

It appears as if the lady is talking messages of love to the dog, as it appears to be a speech bubble rather than a thought bubble. But her mouth is closed… So maybe the speech bubble is someone else’s graffiti added later on? Without it, she simply looks like a lazy cleaner, sweeping things under the curtain. This makes sense on its own.

But with the speech, I don’t know what message it conveys. Is she angry at the dog for making a mess and she is trying to teach the animal some human morals? Is it a thought bubble and although pretty mad at the dog, she is trying to remain a compassionate person?

Sadly, I haven’t been able to find info on this one, so we may have to resort to personal perspectives. What do you think?

Back to the grind

I’m back home, the place I have called home for the last three months at least. I still feel like I am on holiday on this working holiday visa although I am also working to fund it, taking away some of the fun. When I get the chance I will be travelling away from this Sydney home on mini breaks until my visa expires and I have to return to my actual home.

To summarise, I will be taking short holidays away from my temporary home during my long holiday away from my permanent home.

I hope you’re following? Explaining has never been a strength of mine, so here is a picture of a rat in jail as a quick distraction. Taken on the streets of Newcastle NSW, there is some pretty cool street art to be found here.

This image does relate to my post. It is the way I feel when having to go back to work. I get my breaks daily, my two or so days off and the occasional holiday time but ultimately that is just the tip of the iceberg. An iceberg that is 90% work related, doing what we have to do so we can eventually do what we want to do.

What is the ratio between your work and leisure time? 80:20? 50:50? 100:0?! I have never been to jail, nor do I feel I am in one in employment but the more I think of it this way, the easier it will be able to escape those metaphorical bars and into true freedom.